Imran Khan’s mindset

Difficulties in running parliament, federal system Everyone irrespective of his status needs to be held accountable. The best way is to let the related institutions probe the corrupt and the courts to

Maverick media minister

Afghan tweet trespasses into foreign affairs domain The Trumpian tweet, with its combination of angry rhetoric, truth distortion and judgmental, patronising, final-word air, has caused unprecedented disruption within the US, with the

IMF drives a hard bargain

Puts government in a quandary The IMF, despite the somewhat altruistic pretensions of fostering global high employment growth and reducing poverty, ultimately remains a stern money lender with a hawk eye on

Narratives and hybrid war

The need to adjust The army chief could not have been more right when he said, “A superior narrative needs to be propagated to deal with attacks in the cognitive domain.” Addressing

Doubling exports

In a practical way Few things would help the country more in the present setting than the government realising its aim of raising export revenue to $40 billion by 2023. It is,

Another bailout

What about IMF? Any foreign exchange inflow at the moment is no doubt a godsend for Pakistan, but the finance minister needs to be careful about ‘translating’ the UAE bailout – another

Moving ahead

Sensible U-turns? Gladly the government did not drag the matter of forming committee chairmen in the House as long as the business about the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) head. Instead of letting

Making CPEC controversial

Not enough homework  Surely Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani’s decision to opt out of the 8th meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee in China, over reservations about CPEC, is going

Pace of Afghan peace quickens

Breakthrough in UAE multilateral talks essential In the past, during the course of numerous false starts (as it turned out) for bringing peace and reconciliation to Afghanistan, the viewpoints of various stakeholders

Zardari’s tirade

And issues to ponder on On the first day, a broadside, stopping short of  the extreme that Zardari had gone to in June 2015. The second day, a  toned down  version, though  without any change in

‘Eternal spirit of the chainless mind’

Liberty: Kashmiri people’s inevitable destiny Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine and Indian-occupied Kashmir are painful reminders of weakness and divisiveness plaguing the entire Muslim world. They reflect leadership ineptness, which greatly facilitates