Strange bedfellows

From guttural slurs to an alliance There’s no last word in politics. That well-worn adage used ad infinitum (and ad nauseum) as a defence of political expediency is being thrown around by

Dance of death

An all-too familiar script   There is no rhyme to it but plenty of reasons. The violence that has engulfed Karachi in the past few days is, unfortunately, a familiar script. We

The war

If you don’t take the war to the militants, we’re being told, the war will come to you. A statement that is true, regardless of how one slices it. Liberals within Pakistan

On corruption

Prime Minister Gilani is not exactly correct to maintain that military rulers were never accused of corruption and that only elected governments face the criticism. The military rulers often manage to cover

The new law

The army has frequently expressed unhappiness over the release of suspected terrorists. While this has sometime led to charges of inefficiency on the part of judiciary, others have maintained that the negligence

Cementing ties

Never was there a clearer case for freer trade than the cement sector. As opposed to the other sectors of the economy, this one has the potential to do rather well. Not

Thaw in ice?

It rose from the west, the sun did the other day. For the Indians have finally shown a measure of appreciation for Pakistan’s efforts in the war against terror. The country’s outgoing

Border shelling

It is not just our eastern borders where relations are strained; the going hasn’t been great on the western borders either. Now that the decade-old war is about to see its gradual


The three senior executives of the central bank who were kidnapped a month ago for a ransom of Rs 90 million have finally been recovered from the forests of Sukkur. Other kidnapping

Flying solo

For Mian Nawaz Sharif, it is always either white or black with no grey areas in between. The mindset has stood in his way to build political alliances which are a common

Sectarian clashes

Religion is a difficult turf to tread on, particularly when it has been contorted to suit one’s personal agenda. A bitter truth but this is exactly what has happened to Pakistan’s religious


Very few Pakistanis – the fringe of a fringe – have ever seen the Shamsi airbase. The rustic backwaters of Balochistan were never exactly a tourist hotspot. That, and the fact that

Why the neglect?

With the monsoon starting earlier this year, fears regarding floods that are already being expressed are by no means unjustified. There are, in fact, already reports of the first installment of floods

Still deteriorating

The military to military relations between Pakistan and the US have continued to deteriorate after the May 2 incident. The confrontation is also reflected in some of the decisions taken by the

Gas price hike

Load management is clearly not a uni-dimensional process. It is not manifested in the decision to cut the power off the grid for a particular quantum of time. It is, instead, spread


One of the charges against that doyen of Pakistani leftist politics, the late Wali Khan, when his NAP was being disbanded after the Hyderabad conspiracy case, was that the party had envisioned