The Abbottabad affair has united the doves and hawks in the west, with the latter gaining ground lost in the aftermath of the mismanagement of the Bush years. It is a strange

Another hike

Machiavelli once advocated that cruelty should be administered in one swift blow. Eschewing that advice, the government has apparently decided that power tariff rates will be raised in steady doses of two

Watershed moment?

Not knowing the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden has been an intelligence failure not only of Pakistan but the whole world, claimed the prime minister at a business forum in Paris. Yes,

A poor deal

As jagged an alliance as the one between the PML(Q) and PPP was bound to have fissures beneath. Under the saccharine smiles reading out the text of the ministerial oath lie resentments


The pundits, the hacks, the tea-stall legions – everybody has a different theory on what happened in the sleepy town of Abbottabad the other day. But regardless of which way one slices

No respite

Tuesday was the third consecutive day of unrest in Pakistan’s largest city as well as its commercial and financial hub. While target killings have been continuing in Karachi with an eerie regularity

Ten years later….

On Sunday night US Special Forces entered Pakistan’s territory, conducted an operation in the vicinity of the cantonment city of Abbottabad for more than forty minutes, killed Osma bin Laden and removed


The proverbial has hit the fan for the N League and it has only itself to blame for it. True, the extraordinary political acumen of President Zardari – the stuff doctorates are


Any effort by way of registration in powder-keg constituencies is bound to flare up. So the latest instalment of the population census, the largest exercise in registration that any state can undertake,

Another increase

The petrol bomb, so to speak, has gone off again. Only this time, its intensity is heightened because of its timing and the ripple effects it would have for the middle and

The deal

It’s a dream come true for the PML(Q). The Chaudhrys of Gujrat, virtually in the political wilderness since their party’s rout in the last election, seemed to have exacted the maximum possible

Agreeing for once

The consensus between five major political parties and representatives of the business community over vital socio-economic policies is welcome. This was required for the achievement of both immediate and long term national

Let’s talk trade

In South Asia, economics often runs a distant second behind politics. But the tortoise is starting to catch up as news breaks that Pakistan has taken a crack at bolstering trade by

In with the new

The change by President Obama in the national security team indicates a shift in the concept of war wherein the CIA is to have an increasing role. Gen Petraeus has been made

Bracing for the budget

The rumpus in the national assembly the other day was perhaps a taste of things to come. The debate, meant to be a precursor to the finance bill for the upcoming fiscal