Pak-Turk relations

Similar problems bring both countries closer Turkey’s foreign minister was in town for an unconventionally long five-day visit meeting with the top officials in the PTI government, the military and even called

Eve daughters’ tragic fate

Pakistan’s laws on women scream for reform That plain speaking and persistent champion of social causes regarded as provocative by ‘polite society’ and usually conveniently swept under the carpet, Farhatullah Babar, has

Imran Khan and ISI

Premier intel agency Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to gel very nicely with the brass. His eight hour reception at the GHQ some days ago – after which he dispelled all doubts

Demise of a brave woman

In Pakistan, is courage confined to women alone? Begum Kulsoom Nawaz, who lost the battle against cancer on Wednesday, was a brave and dignified woman. At a time when few in the

NAB’s media trials

CJ takes notice Finally it took Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar to take note of NAB’s (National Accountability Bureau) habit of dragging names of people it is investigating into the public domain.

Pakistan after Jinnah

Musings on the founding father’s 70th death anniversary The ruling elite, both civilian and military, have turned Pakistan into a country where Jinnah would not have liked to live. An outstanding parliamentarian that

Rash opposition ultimatum

Constitute election rigging commission — or else! Shrill protests and slogan-chanting by opposition members in the new National Assembly commenced on August 17, the same day Imran Khan was elected prime minister.

CPEC must be supported

Differences should be ironed out through discussion At a time when Pakistan is facing an unprecedented financial crunch and FDI has shrunk to the minimum, China has committed  $60b,  the largest ever

Opposition’s many concerns

Threats and disruptions Good that the government has, as promised, agreed to PML-N’s demands of probing alleged rigging in the national election and spared everybody the prospect of another circus in the

Remember the circular debt?

Number one priority please That the circular debt has been allowed to balloon 454pc (from Rs105b to Rs582b) in 10 years, despite the mysterious Rs480b injection by the PML-N government in 2013,

PTI and China

A friendly but critical approach is the need   The Chinese government had reasons to be worried about the over a yearlong political confrontation in Pakistan. The Chinese government was keen to

Looming water crisis

More than charity will be required With only 30 days of average water storage capacity Pakistan in on the brink of a water crisis. What organizations like the IMF and UNDP have

Slow on the uptake

Imran Khan gets on-the-job training While he was in the opposition Imran Khan had little time to prepare himself for the office he was seeking. He is now getting tutorials. The last

Reprehensible back-tracking

Credibility, image, merit go up in smoke …And the only buoyed up ‘winner’ in the PTI’s abrupt about-face in first laudably appointing and then abruptly removing an internationally renowned economist who just