TLP’s growing prominence

A serious issue that cannot be buried After the landmark judgment acquitting Aasia Bibi of all charges TLP’s leaders Khadim Rizvi and Pir Afzal Qadri made some unprecedented statements inciting violence by

Business of the House

PTI style One of the many promises Imran Khan made right through his 22-year struggle was, upon winning the election, making the House run more on the lines of western democracies. Sure,

No radical change in  policies

Status quo to continue As  Imran Khan  reached Islamabad from Beijing  President Trump’s aid Alice Wells had already arrived  reportedly for a  ‘ties reset’, intriguingly a day ahead of the arrival of

Wise after the event

Finally, government takes action against miscreants The acquittal of Aasia Bibi by a three-member Supreme Court bench was viewed favourably by the vast majority of citizens, being based strictly on merit and

After the deal

Rethinking things? PTI seems to have just had the delayed realisation that the way it negotiated an end to the recent TLP dharna was not, perhaps, the smartest way to handle the

Sami ul Haq’s assassination

A thorough investigation is required On the eve of the PTI government negotiating a questionable peace deal with religious zealots who had rampaged throughout the country for three days JUI-S chief Maulana

Been there, done that

New Pakistan, old egos in IGP transfer case The sudden and initially mysterious transfer of Inspector General of Police, Islamabad on October 27 opened another image tainting issue for the green in