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United despite differences

The government and opposition jointly pass Fata reforms bill Eight days before the end of  its tenure of the National Assembly passed the 31st Amendment bill approving FATA’s merger in KP. As the

Pak-India relations

The initial signs of a thaw? During the last two years and a half there has be a constant deterioration in Pak-India relations. The period is marked by the Pathankot terrorist attack

Gutter politics

And discourteous politicians Political exchange between parties has become so unpleasant, to say the least, that it is difficult to remember who was the first to drag parliamentary politics into the gutter.

PTI’s 100 days plan

Ambitious, but requiring years to implement The PTI deserves credit for being the only party which has so far put before the voters the list of its priorities after assuming power. The

Protest and be damned…

Speedy KP-FATA merger appears inevitable Last week witnessed hectic activity on the KP-FATA merger ‘front’ with meetings of federal cabinet, the opposition, culminating in the decisive National Security Committee Saturday meeting, which

Water wars

Losing the dam argument There’s nothing about the Pakistani delegation’s argument, to be officially put forward today, that the World Bank hasn’t heard before. Yet India has been able to wriggle its

Nawaz’s long reach

Anybody remember the market? For all the damage Nawaz’s controversial interview has done, nobody has quite noticed how it also sounded the death rattle at the stock market. Three weeks in the

Muzzling the media

And the double standards associated with it Suppression of a free press is nothing new in this country. Successive military regimes and even civilian setups excelled at it, most notably the Zia

Power woes

Scarcity amidst abundance   Assurances to end power shut downs and load shedding by the time the PML-N government completed its tenure have not been fully materialized.  On Wednesday, a massive power breakdown struck large

A testing finale for PML-N

Will the party implode under external pressure and internal divide? The PML-N government’s tenure ends on May 31. The party faces an existential challenge as the election campaign gains momentum. While it

Leading from the front

Motivation, morale and dedication par excellence Colonel Sohail Abid shaheed, of the army’s military intelligence, probably wanted to leave nothing to chance. On Wednesday, receiving reports of a high value target and

Asghar Khan case again!

Time for closure? Strangely, if it hadn’t been for two of the more unconventional chief justices in the Supreme Court’s history, the Asghar Khan case would never have seen the light of