Liquid of life

Worldwide ‘stress’ and ‘scarcity’ of water Itself enduring water rationing nowadays, Brazil is hosting the World Water Forum attended by 15 heads of state and government along with 300 mayors and experts.

A crucial shift

A one-time affair or a new approach? At the Sangla Hill rally Nawaz Sharif and Maryam turned their guns at the PTI and PPP calling both parties two sides of the same

The sounder strategy

PTI should review rigid stance on PPP electoral alliance The recent Senate Chairman election paid rich dividends for the apparently one-time-only PPP-PTI partnership, though the PTI still felt obliged to present oblique

The Afghan endgame

Pakistan’s move Considering the way pieces are moving on the AfPak chessboard, and beyond, it seems a combination that will force an endgame agreeable to all principal parties might finally be on

Dialogue with Kabul

Is everyone finally on the same page? Almost a month back at the international peace conference in Kabul Afghan President Ashraf Ghani wanted to reset relations with Pakistan. This initiative was necessary

Pak-India relations

Both to be losers if deterioration is not arrested Despite the offstage meetings between the National Security Advisers of Pakistan and India, a mitigation of hostilities between the two countries is nowhere

The ‘Rexit’ effect

Implications for Pakistan Already Rex Tillerson’s twitter sendoff, in typical Trump style, and elevation of CIA Director Mike Pompeo to secretary of state has halted the slide in Brent crude, put the