Day after Panama

Now the hangover   This was a different kind of ‘kicking the can down the road’. It was certainly not the ‘historic moment’ the very honourable Supreme Court had everyone, especially the

Waiting for the verdict

The practice to accept only favourable judgments must end   While everyone waits for the Panama-gate verdict which is supposed to be remembered for centuries political parties are in a spin.  

Toxic intolerance

Mashal Khan’s gruesome mob-lynching Opposition leader Khurshid Shah, while requesting the government for a strongly worded resolution against the Mardan University incident, disclosed in the National Assembly that 65 people had been

Battle of the IGPs

In Punjab and Sindh, the motives appear ulterior     Former Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mushtaq Sukhera retired after putting in 34 long years in this god forsaken department. His

Spy games

The Kulbhushan factor   There must be a reason for India shifting gears so frequently on the Kulbhushan issue. First, as is pretty much the norm, Delhi distanced itself from the spy.

The trade deficit

And the rupee   Dar sb has always struggled with the rupee-dollar parity. For some reason, despite our trend of less exports and more imports, he likes to keep the rupee robust,

Child pornography

Need for stern action     The Sargodha child pornography case must serve as a litmus test for the government’s seriousness in controlling such crime. The media, human rights organisations, even social

PML-N style campaigning

Jobs, contracts, gas!   There are few things more predictable than PML-N gambits when it feels the heat, or when elections are near, or both. Just like this time. With Panama still