Time to move on?

No doubt the Champions Trophy is a feather in Pakistan’s cap that will stand out for some time to come. It represents not just the triumph of the lowest ranked, most ridiculed

The equity market rout

Not so emerging market-like?     It’s definitely not just a correction – contrary to most of our market pundits – when the exchange drops a good 16pc from the all-time high

Afghanistan-India air corridor

Why force Afghanistan to try desperate remedies?   The Afghan-India air corridor will have political and economic implications for Pakistan. Afghanistan was a key exporting destination for Pakistani goods for two decades.

Jailhouse Rock

 Karachi prison raid uncovers comfy, homely inmate life style   Karachi Central Prison, housing over 6,000 prisoners, was the scene of two sensational events last week, the daredevil flight of two hard-core

Blitzkrieg cricket

Focussing on offensive and élan gained green shirts’ famous victory   It was a long time coming, nineteen years to be exact, since the ICC Champions Trophy was introduced in 1998 that

Prison break

LeJ style   Ever since the war on terror, more specifically Operation Zarb-e-Azb – when the military had to play the lead role against the terrorists – a certain kind of army

Cricket final

Pak-India again   No doubt the Pakistani cricket team deserves much praise for its impressive turnaround in the Champions Trophy. Captain Sarfraz is clearly one to dig in his heels and fight

Hard earned wealth?

 Billionaires in the hallowed Houses   At times, the Election Commission of Pakistan’s recently released list of Parliamentarian assets reads like a ranked list by Forbes or Fortune magazine of the richest