Pertinent questions

Going after Abbasi while staying in the dark Accountability SAPM Shahzad Akbar may have timed his fusillade against former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi wrongly, for it coincided with the filing of what

The plague of locusts

A multinational problem Plagues, it seems, know no boundaries. It is almost as if they force states divided by lines drawn on maps to cooperate even if they are rivals. Such is

Trump’s America

Latest riots are a testament to rabid polarization Police violence against black Americans is one of the many faces of the USA’s long, violent and troubled history of racism. From slavery to

Violating democratic traditions

PTI administration’s crusade against Opposition Addressing a virtual international event Prime Minister Imran Khan underlined  the importance of international relief for developing countries facing the scourge of the coronavirus. As he put

Covid-19 treatment

How will the common man foot the bill?  Various kinds of Covid-19 therapies are currently at the trial stage all over the world. Roche’s anti-inflammatory drug Actemra is one which is already

Resurrection or dereliction?

Turkish teledrama may do more harm than good The Turkish teledrama Ertugrul: Resurrection is being telecast by PTV, after being dubbed in Urdu, on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan. This

War plans look good on paper

Until you meet the enemy From an earlier state of euphoria, SAPM Zafar Mirza has veered into panic mode. Instead of continuing his crusade against the lockdowners, Dr Mirza threatens to impose

Air crash investigations

Prematurely blaming the pilot seems like trying to save others Instead of investigating the Karachi air tragedy with a view to fixing responsibility, and perhaps equally important, fixing on measures to prevent

Resolve disputes through talks

Or the region will remain a powder keg There are growing concerns among India’s neighbours about itd Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s violation of international agreements and aggressive stance in the region. Despite

Violence in North Waziristan

Latest wave has to be nipped in the bud The recent uptick in violence in North Waziristan has once again brought into question the stability and future of the war-torn tribal area.

Following procedure

And respecting the law One of the most common features of past and present civilian governments is a propensity to undermine or overlook protocol, procedure and the legality of important and sensitive

Karachi air tragedy

A lot of question need to be answered There were a number of notes struck by the Karachi air tragedy, all of them discordant and painful. The 99 passengers and eight crew

To help PTI’s spin masters

Sugar Enquiry Commission’s scope expanded The retail price of sugar in the market from December 2018 to February 2020 had increased by Rs 24 per kilogram. The sugar mills owners pocketed more