Towards confrontation

Defuse the situation before it’s too late There is no end to complaints from politicians, media persons and civil society activists against what is going on in the name of fair and free elections.

Unstable economy

A mammoth task for the incoming government Back in 2013 the PPP government got a fair bit of criticism for handing over a complete mess of an economy to the incoming PML-N.

The talk of the town

And the dangers of turning deaf When different people with altogether different interests and backgrounds start raising an issue with a sense of urgency, one can brush it aside only at the

Imran’s concerns

Fate of the election Quite suddenly, it appears, Imran Khan is ‘not hearing positive news’ about the election. Could it just be a coincidence that such news corresponded with thinner and smaller

PIA problems

Matter of shame As if PIA wasn’t controversial enough already, now there is the matter of the DG CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) allegedly taking a group of friends for a special tour

Weakening Parliamentary democracy

By inducting extremists into electoral fray By encouraging sectarian extremists and groups with terrorist affiliations to contest the elections the ECP has done a disservice to parliamentary system. That this has happened

In the spotlight again

Renewed optimism for Afghan peace talks For the American leadership, the unprecedented scenes of harmony and goodwill that accompanied the June Eidul Fitr ceasefire and fraternal interaction between Taliban fighters, government soldiers

Onwards to July 25

Sowing the seeds of political instability By the time people go to cast their votes on July 27, the electoral exercise would have become widely suspect in the eyes of the neutral

Back on the IMF trail

Fiscal discipline aborted after last bailout programme Like the PPP regime preceding it, the PML-N government completed its five year term recently despite stutters and hiccups, euphemistically speaking, the events being regarded

View from the other side

Intimidatory tactics e dozens of cases registered against PML-N for its attempted welcome of Maryam and Nawaz Sharif on Friday – as if the preemptive crackdown, and the blockade during the day,

SBP alarm bells

Another rate hike With its third interest rate increase since January – by 100 points on Saturday to 7.5pc – the central bank is clearly ringing inflation alarm bells, even if it

Nawaz Sharif’s day

PML-N turns a new leaf On Friday the PML-N challenged some of the common assumptions about its politics. There was a popular belief, based on past experience, that in the absence of