Kashmir Black Day

Whither ‘Kashmir hour?’ Prime Minister Imran Khan no doubt sincerely wants to resolve the Kashmir issue. He is also keen to bring peace to South Asia by normalising Pak-India relations. Even before

PTI and the IMF

Resumption of programme unlikely if conditions unmet Prior to the 2018 general election, Prime Minister Imran Khan had vowed to ‘die before approaching the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’ if he came to

Need to engage the opposition

Establishment- PDM dialogue can save the situation There was a time when all opposition parties wanted to resolve issues with PTI government through talks. PM Imran Khan’s hubris however led him to

Orange line train

Benefits of new transit system justify the subsidy After much delay, Lahore’s Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) project has become commercially operational with both the PTI and the PML-N squabbling over who

Abduction and return

Ali Imran’s example was meant to scare journalists The abduction of broadcast journalist Ali Imran Syed and his release later on Saturday evening was not so much meant to punish as to

Still on grey list

FATF’s latest deadline may be its last Pakistan has made good progress on the FATF front; fulfilling 21 conditions of the 27-point action plan put forth by the global terrorist funding and

The public perception of NAB

Fresh references further support it NAB has acted in a predictable way. Within days of being goaded by Prime Minister Imran Khan to dispose of mega corruption cases quickly, the NAB Executive

Bowing to extremism

Cancellation of lecture shows disturbing trend Apparently, there should be no problem with Dr Atif Mian delivering a lecture on ‘Why has economic growth fallen behind in Pakistan?’ at Karachi’s Institute of

Moving from crisis to crisis

Is the worst yet to come? It suits the PTI government to redirect the opposition’s criticism of its failures towards the establishment. There is a perception that to enable an incompetent administration

First quarter surplus

Good news won’t last unless government puts in effort That the country’s current account has remained in surplus for the first quarter is cause for celebration, but does not quite justify the

Controlling prices

PM must take charge Prime Minister Imran Khan must learn from the latest meeting of the Federal Cabinet that food inflation is a serious problem for the government, and that his excuse

Imran Khan’s multifarious woes

Need to bring down political confrontation     Prime Minister Imran Khan needs to satisfy the IMF by presenting a realistic plan for how his government would raise more revenues, cut spending, raise

NAB’s role

A bull in a china shop Over the past two and a half years there has been an aggressive and consistent deterioration in the reputation and running of the country’s premier accountability

After two rallies

PTI government in blue funk PDM’s Karachi rally was as impressive as the one at Gujranwala. While Jinnah Garden’s massive enclosure was filled to its capacity, hundreds of late comers listened to