Now that the shoe is on the other foot

Transparency International versus PTI There are around half a dozen speeches by PM Imran Khan supporting Transparency International’s successive reports and maintaining that these were enough to substantiate his allegations of corruption

Bangladesh tour begins

Apart from cricket, other matters demand attention from both countries The tour by the Bangladesh team is welcome because it is taking place. It might well be another step on the path

On a wing and a prayer

Promise of economic revival in 2020 While delivering a speech at Davos Prime Minister Imran Khan maintained that his government had achieved an upward trajectory of the stock market, stabilisation of the

Zindagi Tamasha

Who decides whether a film can be shown? The Punjab and Sindh governments have decided that the film Zindagi Tamasha cannot be released, even though their Censor Boards had cleared the film.

Wheat shortage

Who has made a killing? Whoever is responsible for the wheat shortage, is responsible for a lot of misery. The jump in the price of the nation’s principle staple has not led

Ending a deadlock

Has PM finally come down his high horse? After trying all other options, the PTI leadership seems to have finally concluded that consensus is the only way for parliamentary legislation. Last year

Seeking Uncle Sam’s help

Big difference between US promises and delivery US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Alice Wells is in Pakistan on a four-day visit to discuss bilateral ties. So far, much of

A bad year for press freedom

The government is unwilling to take any criticism Freedom of the press continued to deteriorate in this past year amid increased direct censorship, self-censorship and state-sponsored hostility towards working journalists. This was

Getting off the grey list

Foreign Minister Qureshi brought no news of FATF relief Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has completed a three-nation tour, of Saudi Arabia, Iran and the USA, with the most pressing item

Prison reform

A report shows it is needed badly Everyone knew that the prison system was in need of reform, but a report by a commission formed to examine prison conditions by the Islamabad

Are all on the same page as usual?

Consequences of government’s incompetence unfolding now PM Imran Khan was accused of incompetence by his critics during the first year of his tenure. His supporters however defended him, maintaining that it was a

Managing the muscle

Police reforms are preferable to playing politics on appointments   When the PTI formed a government in KP in 2013 it promised to reform the province’s police into an exemplary force, a

NAB does it again

It has just increased its credibility problem The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has greeted the recent amendments in the Ordinance governing by doing what it is accused of: going after opposition leaders,

Kashmir in UNSC

Strengthening Pakistan is best help to Kashmiris On Wednesday the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) came under discussion in the UNSC a second time after August 16. Without the crucial help