Political paralysis

Government appears overwhelmed as problems multiply The overall scene as the PML-N’s ineffectual third attempt at good governance enters its last lap is one of utter confusion, universal uncertainty, and an intense

OIC summit

Brave words but no action plan It was like it has always been with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC declared Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “irresponsible,

MMA mirage?

Proposed five-party electoral platform seems an anomaly Religious parties in Pakistan present an inexplicable paradox. With support mostly from the seminaries under their control, they can project street power for a while

Pak-Saudi ties

Defence cooperation Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir’s proposal to visiting Saudi Deputy Defence Minister Mohammad bin Abdullah al Aeysh – that the Kingdom and Pakistan sign an all-encompassing defence and strategic pact –

Fantastical flight of fancy

PM Modi accuses Pakistan of manipulating Gujarat election Perhaps taking his hallucinatory cue from the 2017 US Presidential election which Russia allegedly engineered to defeat Hilary Clinton by hacking and planting fake

Tightrope balancing act

Pakistan has to be unwaveringly impartial in Saudi-Iran ties  It is metaphorically like running with the hares and hunting with the hounds simultaneously, but Pakistan has so far proved adroit at maintaining

PML-N in a corner

Bad policy or smart strategy? Ever since Nawaz’s ouster PML-N seems to have adopted a questionable twin strategy of bringing state institutions into disrepute and allowing serious, sometimes dangerous, issues to simmer

The Jerusalem decision

OIC response When Turkish President Erdogan warned of consequences just before the Jerusalem decision – immediate OIC conference in Istanbul and possible diplomatic cutoff with Israel – he seemed to almost believe

Hacked bank accounts

Effective measures need to be taken immediately Pakistan is one of the lowest banked countries in the world. According to Global Findex 2014 only about 13% of the population has conventional bank

Rupee’s devaluation dilemma

UN Report warns artificial rate policy unsustainable Among the economy’s bugbears, and there are many ‘usual suspects’ among them, the actual ground strength of the rupee precipitates a raging debate over allowing

Upending diplomacy

A kiss of death to the two state solution Flouting all warnings President Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital raising the question if the Middle East peace process will survive Trump’s unfortunate