A study in somersaults

Political parties must show maturity and constancy      Mian Manzoor Wattoo, active in politics since 1983 with hat-tricks as Punjab chief minister and provincial Assembly Speaker, as well as heading federal ministries,

Imran in Lahore

Checking progress The PM’s Lahore trip turned out a little short on specifics of the 100 day plan, unfortunately, but it was long, once again, on Imran Khan’s vision about the bureaucracy

Oppression in Kashmir

Something for the UNGA? The matter of talks with Sushma Swaraj, on the sidelines of the UNGA, had already become stale by the time Shah Mehmood landed in the United states, even

Talks with India

Efforts must continue for regional peace and amity  Keeping in view a decade long history of Pak-India relations one could have safely predicted that something would go wrong and derail the latest

Cricket loss

It’s how you lose Once again, unfortunately, the Pakistani cricket team has embarrassed itself as well as the country. It’s not losing the match to India in the Asia Cup that is

An interim relief

No reason to be over the moon The suspension of the NAB court’s sentence in Avenfield reference and the release of the three accused is the first good news for the Sharif

PTI in conciliation mode

The government-opposition relations It was all smiles and sunshine during the National Assembly sitting on Tuesday before the presentation of the amended finance bill. Shah Mahmud Qureshi supported the opposition’s demand for

A bad start

Government and opposition must find middle ground The new National Assembly began its five year  tenure  on  an  inauspicious note. Despite  the proceedings of the joint parliamentary session beginning  with  a prayer

Afghan Transit Trade

Benefits everybody? Leave it to the foreign press, as usual, to enlighten Pakistanis about potentially groundbreaking developments. Apparently the American ambassador to Afghanistan has told an Indian newspaper that Islamabad approached Washington

Building dams

Sensitive matter One must, regrettably, tread very carefully on the matter of making dams and saving our future lest one is misinterpreted and, quite wrongly, branded an enemy of the state itself.

Bureaucracy in a nutcracker

Damned if it does, damned if I doesn’t Politicians coming to power have frequently used bureaucrats to bend and break the laws to fulfill their wishes. This has led to grave social consequences. Honest government officers