Cabinet decisions

The worst isn’t over by a long shot While required to fully concentrate on saving the country from the ravages of Covid-19, the PTI government continues to be fixated on the opposition.

High commodity prices

Genuine or manufactured? Despite an international fall in commodity prices, consumers across the country still have to pay higher prices. When the Coronavirus pandemic arrived in Pakistan the possibility of a lockdown

Need to balance the priorities

Rising graph of coronavirus deaths There is a need to preserve people from dying of hunger. There is an equal need to protect them from death caused by coronavirus. One can appreciate the government’s concern for

Exporting Corona

Religiosity taking precedence over a pandemic There should be no allowance for Pakistan to be in international headlines at the moment for anything other than the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in

Lockdown stories

If action has to be taken later, why not now? The way lockdowns are proceeding in the country creates doubts rather than confidence in their ability to help control the coronavirus epidemic,

NAB unchained

Its custody will prove a nest of coronavirus infection In line with what is happening in the rest of the world, the Islamabad High Court last Tuesday ordered the release of 408

PTI and Coronavirus

Indecisiveness can be dangerous Dealing with the coronavirus and its aftereffects is going to be a Herculean task. What is further adding to the difficulties is the federal government’s reluctance to take

Progress in Afghanistan

Political uncertainty, terrorism and coronavirus US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo termed his daylong visit to Afghanistan earlier this week as “frustrating” after being unable to convince President Ghani and his political

Delaying a crucial decision

Allowing COVID-19 to spread all over the country The coronavirus is spreading all over the world like wildfire. Within weeks, the number of those infected in the Middle East, Europe and the

The government’s money woes

The government must not mishandle at least this The inability of the PTI government to handle the coronavirus epidemic was best shown by the enormous mess that was made of the Friday

Standoffishness in times of crisis

 PM must step up to the plate Addressing the parliamentary leaders, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged them to stay united and continue discussion and reassessment of the strategies to tackle the spread

Chinese generosity

China begins helping with the coronavirus The arrival of much-needed medical equipment, including face masks, protective clothing, testing kits, ventilators and forehead thermometers, from China, donated by Jack Ma and Alibaba Foundation,

The USA acts

Peace does not seem to coming to Afghanistan US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has found that his failure to convince the Afghan government to release Taliban prisoners ahead of a withdrawal

Enter Shahbaz Sharif

The call for unity to fight coronavirus PML(N) President Shahbaz Sharif has returned to Pakistan at a time when the nation faces the coronavirus challenge and there is a need to jointly