Sensible decisions

Pak-Afghan trade, US-Taliban talks and no jihad export It was a sensible step to open 24/7 trade services across the Torkham border.  A number of factors have reduced trade with Afghanistan from

Child murders in Chunian

The police shows how unreformed it is The murder of three little boys after they were criminally assaulted, and their bodies being found only after, and by passers-by, traumatised the people of

M A Niazi

Palestine and Kashmir together again

Netanyahu’s Jordan Valley pledge echoes Modi’s on Kashmir AT PENPOINT The consequences of the past are now unfolding, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, engaged like Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in an

Controlling Dengue

The disease is lethal, but can be beaten Dengue has evolved as a global life-threatening public health concern, affecting around 2.5 billion people in over 100 countries. The number of cases reported

Kashmir cause and the PTI government

Self-determination should be cornerstone of policy At long last Prime Minister Imran Khan is undertaking two foreign tours to garner international support for the Kashmir cause. After several phone calls to Saudi

Media tribunals

An attempt to gain control Perhaps the most suspicious thing about the Federal Cabinet’s approval of a draft bill setting up media tribunals in its meeting on Tuesday is that it has