Much ado about nothing

There was a twofold reason for making the President Commander-in-chief Amidst all the drama, hype and sensation, the Supreme Court walked a tightrope between upholding the majesty of law and not disrupting

Digital Pakistan vision

Illusion versus reality Digital technology has already made a significant headway in our society. Smartphones are being used in Pakistan to send and receive messages, access mail, hail cabs to work, send

No end to borrowing

No relief for the ordinary citizen The approval by the Asian Development Bank of a $1 billion ‘emergency loan’ for Pakistan was made because Pakistan had agreed a programme with the IMF,

M A Niazi

The Indian disease

AT PENPOINT Indian courts intervene in military service matters The intervention of the Supreme Court in the extension of tenure of Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa represents a judicial

ECP made dysfunctional

Thanks to PTI’s bent for loyalists Prime Minister Imran Khan wants docile institutions that would willingly carry out his biddings. He has an inherent dislike for those that defy him, particularly the

Climate change

Pakistan has already been affected The Global Climate Risk Index for 2019 ranks Pakistan as the fifth worst sufferer from the effects of climate change. According to the Index, released by the


The neo-doctrine of necessity

There are still challenges to be overcome By Anwar Ali To the sheer disbelief of many, Pakistan is a casualty of an unconstitutional practice that, over the years, has solidified into a

What makes NAB act in haste?

Why not wait till accused are finally pronounced guilty When the Lahore High Court accepted former Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s request for bail in the Ashiana-i-Iqbal Housing Scheme and Ramzan Sugar

Karachi in chaos

Clueless police Though Karachi seems to have been brought out of the orgy of target killing and extortion that was the apparent hallmark of the dominance of the MQM, its peace seems