Pak-Qatar economic relations

Where is the mega Qatari investment? In January, PM Imran Khan visited Doha as the head of a delegation to discuss economic cooperation with the Emir of Qatar. Following the premier’s visit, the Board of

Statistical discrepancies

Government must clarify Apart from setting a record high tax collection target another focus in the first federal budget tabled by the PTI is austerity; a combination of reducing expenditures and increasing

Omer Javed

Difficult outlook for oil

Oil price hikes will only add more pressure to Pakistan’s woes Volatility in oil prices, impact oil-importing countries like Pakistan the most, in terms of both putting pressure on current account situation,

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Still the same

Promise unfulfilled? Ever since Mr Justice Asif Saeed Khosa was sworn in as Chief Justice of Pakistan, a ray of hope ran through the legal fraternity with most foreseeing judicial reforms imminent.

Maryam speaks out

Her differences with Shehbaz come forth PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz has been very categorical in saying that party President Shehbaz Sharif’s proposal for a ‘charter of economy’ was his

Religious extremism report

State Department says more needs to done That the US State Department’s need to pronounce on countries’ religious freedom may be considered as interference in their sovereignty, but that does not mean

Arif Nizami

Sanity prevails-finally

Charter on economy a pipedream? After a free-for-all during the budget debate in the National Assembly, a semblance of sanity has finally prevailed. A hiatus of three days during which there was

Omer Zaheer Meer

Fiscal reforms needed

Key taxation trends in Pak in need of reform With the ongoing budget debate, there is increased focus on the need for fiscal reforms to be achieved chiefly by a turnaround in

Even if heavens were to fall

Candid Corner The absolute pain of witnessing the decline of a once mighty dynasty “Let the clarion call go forth to the mighty To stand sentinel to the measure of their deeds

Online tax profiling system

Brass knuckles under the kid gloves On Friday Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the nation to declare assets before the amnesty scheme’s June 30 deadline. Simultaneously the FBR launched its online

Meeting FATF conditions

With only months left to comply After missing two deadlines to comply with FATF conditions, Pakistan has now been given a final extension till October of this year to address its terror