Corona’s ferocity

COVID-19 is one of the curses. The skirmish of the virus is disseminating exponentially day by day. Nowadays, it is the most vulnerable subject that people are discussing repeatedly. The scorching virus

High commodity prices

Genuine or manufactured? Despite an international fall in commodity prices, consumers across the country still have to pay higher prices. When the Coronavirus pandemic arrived in Pakistan the possibility of a lockdown


A war with warriors other than the usual ones We are always ready for wars. We are trained for it. We expect to fight in the apocalypse, holy wars, national wars, the

Deadly blessing?

The coronavirus pandemic gives credence to Thomas Malthus. (Thomas Robert Malthus wrote a paper in 1798 titled Principle of Population . He believed that natural forces would correct the imbalance between food

Remembering Zulfi Bhutto

Apropos to 41st death Anniversary of Zulifkar Ali Bhutto, 4 April 1979 when Quad-E- Awam,s Life was decisively and irrevocably snuffed out of Him. He was the leader who introduced the common