Rain and the government

  While municipal and provincial authorities in Karachi are making tall claims about their ‘satisfactory job’, heavy rain disrupted routine life in Karachi, leaving low-lying areas inundated with accumulated rainwater. The ‘educated’ bureaucrats

Financial Year 2017

No sound strategy in place At a whopping $12.1 billion Pakistan’s current account deficit is now double what it was last fiscal year which translates into 4% of GDP. Although an increase

Arsalan Raja

When it comes to blasphemy

The incompetence of investigating officers does more harm than good   In a Muslim Society every Muslim, being the follower of the Glorious and Glittering injunctions of Islam, honestly believes that Hazrat

Cracked bridge

The bridge constructed near Askari 4 and Millenium mall in gulistan-e-jauhar is cracked from many places and needs quick orders and machinery to repair it. It is a very busy and important bridge

Lack of dams

Despite being potentially the richest nation in the subcontinent, the country, since independence, had been unable to protect water in its river channels. The country has no interest in protecting the backbone

Toying and tinkering with police

Punjab and Sindh’s mischief regarding top appointments   The PML-N dominated Punjab and PPP – ruled Sindh governments have, it seems, another dubious common denominator besides rampant corruption – indeed the two