The Netflix effect

The Netflix Effect is when a new series catapults an unknown actor to fame overnight, a result of millions of people binge watching a show. It’s a move towards more convenient, personalized

An Incomplete College

In 2010, construction of a college began in Hoshab. Nine years later, it still hasn’t been completed. The funds for this college have been eaten up by the construction who were assigned

New AGP enters a minefield

Onerous task of clearing the legal mess Coming within days of his appointment as the new Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP), Barrister Khalid Javed Khan’s remarks would be widely welcomed by all

Price control

Mafias still at it? Prime Minister Imran Khan has been under immense pressure to reduce the prices of basic food items that have risen recently to unmaintainable levels. Last month the prices

The Debt Origins

Mr. Z. A. Bhutto came to power in the age of control and regulations. He nationalized all private industries, banks, and big businesses, a decision that caused huge damage to the economy

Inflation and the poor

Inflation is the most common issue in Pakistan, creating a bunch of difficulties for the population. Since most of the citizens are poor, they might not be able to deal with such

US, Pakistan and India

Spin and reality Despite sharp difference between the US and India on trade issues, President Trump considers PM Narendra Modi as a strategic ally while relations with Pakistan are seen important but

Dr. Death

Organ trafficking claims a life yet again Up until 2007 Pakistan was considered one of the premier destinations in the world for procuring a kidney illegally due to the absence of any

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Elections and democracy

Merely voting does not mean participating in the democratic process  We are an election-loving nation. Whether in schools, market committees, bars, press clubs, union council level, provincial assemblies or national legislature, we