Covid vaccine in Pakistan 

While it is expected that at least two Covid-19 vaccines will be registered globally by next month, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Monday finalised its recommendations for the procurement

Bano Qudsia: A Legend 

Bano Qudsia is widely considered as one of the most notable Urdu language authors in modern times. Known for her message of love and hope, Qudsia gained enormous acclaim for Urdu classics

Thalassaemia: A lethal disease

Thalassaemia is a dangerous hemolytic disease or blood disorder which is most common in Asian countries including Pakistan where approximately 100,000 patients are suffering from thalassaemia. Pakistan has ranked the highest burden

Plight of women prisoners

Jail reforms has been one of the long-standing and yet unaddressed issue in Pakistan by the authorities. According to recent report by Ministry of Human Rights and Federal Ombudsman report, women prisoners

Trolling the PM

Recently Prime Minister Imran Khan had a visit in Turbat district and delivered a speech at Turbat university where he said that he had seen the structure of Turbat from the helicopter

Opposition rallies and Coronavirus

Contradictions from a government unwilling to mend fences President PML-N and leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif, out on parole from jail to attend his late mother’s funeral,

Lopsided accountability

NAB investigations against businessmen hurting the economy Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwala has laid bare the treatment meted out to him by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) regarding a fake bank accounts

Journalists not safe

Pakistan is a country where journalists are not safe at all. The journalists are killed or disappeared when they expose the bitter realities of the inexorable government and are murdered due to

Bribe in the MDCAT 

Sindh high court rejected the application of delaying exam of MDCAT, as it was already delayed in many times, and it happens in 29th November, many students of entry test works hard

Useless words 

Political rivalries apart, it is the choice of words used by spokesmen, or spokeswomen, of political parties which reflects the mindset of their leadership, their democratic credentials or fascist tendencies. When spokesman/spokeswoman,

Covid-19 and education 

If one opens the golden pages of history, many diseases had come human’s lives, allergies & asthma, cancer, celiac disease, crohn’s & colitis, heart disease etc victimized the persons. Likewise, covid-19 pandemic