PIA hemorrhaging money

This country can no longer afford continuous hemorrhaging of tax payer’s national exchequer by state owned enterprises like PIA, Steel Mills etc. Pakistan needs safe reliable commercial airline to cater for passengers

Suffering children

You know that how COVID-19 will affect the mental health and psychological well-being of vast swathes of society.For many children, there’s no school, no meet-ups, no sports activities.Many even have to live

COVID-19 and universities

The covid 19 pendamic has effected the educational sectore worldwide, 70% of students population has been effected globaly by the pendamic. In my point of view,  i think reopening of universites would

Supposedly civilized

A very sad and pathetic incident transpired in America where a black man was murdered by cops who was reportedly running away after stealing some valuables. Video of this sad incident went

M J Akbar

Surviving the lockdown

A time to watch old movies and hit the books Books talk. Writing talks back. It is a happy conversation in that tentative space called isolation. Once reading is gently separated from

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality is a trending technology in which computer-generated capabilities in terms of sound, display text and other effects maximize the user experience of the real world.It is different and more advance

Exit strategy

It was about four months ago when Coronavirus disease forced the world to go under lockdown. Countries like America, Italy and France have faced worst scenarios, even under lock down. The basic

Sugar scam action

By making the sugar scam report public the PM has set a great precedent. After the report was released the burden of taking action lies on the relevant Government organizations. But so

Our packages?

The British High Commissioner, Dr Christian Turner announced a package of £ 2.67 million to Pakistan to combat against the Novel coronavirus concerning the vulnerable situation of health sector. Besides, the International

Falling inflation

Yet prices remain rigidly high Pakistan’s inflation rate has eased for the fourth successive month, with the latest figure coming in at 8.2 percent. Inflation had peaked in January, hitting a record