Single national curriculum

The incumbent Government under the chairmanship of federal education Minister Shafqat Mehmood constituted a committee in line to frame ” Single National Curriculum ” (SNC) for Primary, High and Higher Secondary classes

Skyrocketing prices

Day by day, things are being expensive in our country despite of long hours of talks to improve the raising inflation. Poors are completely smashed under inflation. Every common man is worried

Gas explosion

On Friday late night a gas explosion  took place in Mithakhel bazaar which damaged two adjacent outlets. According to the resources there was no loss of life but the shopkeepers will face

Greece-Turkey disputes

Turkey and Greece clenched very upset ties during the recent decades in spite of multitudinous bilateral and trilateral negotiations, still the consequences reflect the declining circumstances of the year 1987 and early

Humayun Gauhar

Bad Things; Good Things

Some good things for Pakistan Many bad things are happening in many countries which are causing their economies to nearly go down the drain, like the massive resurgence of covid-19 in Europe.

Sirajuddin Aziz

Bankruptcy of Leadership

Why the Muslims have declined Is there anything wrong with human beings? If so, what is? With the expanse of knowledge growing by the nanosecond, the regrettable progressive decline of human behaviour

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The comeback

Is Nawaz trying to do politics from London? Amidst a tirade of accountability, alleged health complications and a prolonged silence, Mian Nawaz Sharif returned to the foray with an address to the

Rethinking the reopening

There should be no re-judgement Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood seemed to be painting himself into a corner when he tweeted on Saturday that the schedule for re-opening schools would be maintained.

Paying the piper

PTI government’s failure to reform tax structure shown The most important feature of the recent disclosure by the Federal Board of Revenue of the taxes paid by the members of the two

Options for the opposition

Desperation mustn’t lead opposition to lose its head Never except under Martial Law have so many opposition leaders been in jail or faced trials in malleable accountability courts. Even under the Martial

Democracy must prevail

September 15 marks the international day of democracy to raise awareness regarding its importance in the political structure of the world. Different Ideologists, authors, and political scientists have explained it according to

Hanging not the answer

The increasing rape cases of Pakistan brought people in confusion. There are lots of questions in the public’s mind to control rape cases. For government the last option is to hang the

Arif Nizami

A homeopathic APC

Khan seems set on his crease with all the necessary support As a precursor to the opposition parties’ APC (All Parties Conference) being held today, the country’s lawyers held their own APC