Shaukat Umer

Why the discontent?

Recent events in the world’s largest and oldest democracies have shaken belief in democracy. If, as political theory asserts, democracy is for, by and of the people then why are the people

Dr Faisal Bari

Policy disconnect

The Punjab government budget 2011-12 shows that Rs 3 billion has been allocated for Danish Schools. This amount would have been sufficient to upgrade 660 existing government primary schools to middle schools

Ahmed Yusuf

Aces in spades

What do Ali Moeen Nawazish, Ibrahim Shahid and Syed Zohaib Asad have in common? That they did us proud? Or that they were a tad obsessed with the number of grades (rather

Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi

Sound and fury

King Leonidas of the 300 Spartans couldn’t have delivered it with more sound and fury. That this tirade was in time for the 9 O Clock bulletins of all major news channels

Rabia Ahmed

Preparing for revolution

‘I will prepare and some day my chance will come’ (Abe Lincoln) Fed up of conditions in Pakistan many people are praying for a ‘revolution,’ but are we prepared for it if,

Waqqas Mir

The grand cover

Last week I wrote about a draconian new law titled Actions (in Aid of Civil Power) Regulation, 2011 for FATA. The law, among other things, gives the Governor of KPK the power

Urooj Zia

Take the bitter pill

Like MNA Ayaz Amir, I’d considered writing on Karachi this week. I’d thought of making a joke or two about Zulfikar Mirza’s recent altercation with Rehman Malik – which makes for easy

Humayun Gauhar

Green Flag, Islamic Crescent

“Be careful. Be very careful,” friends are warning. “It took much less for NATO to walk into Libya than what’s happening in Karachi. First, their bombs opened the door for the rebels.

M J Akbar

Alpha male to omega limp

Mistakes are not the exclusive preserve of government. It is only fair that opposition contributes its share, even if it is only a trickle versus a flood. Enthusiasm clearly got the better

Sarmad Bashir

It’s never too late

After letting Karachi bleed for the past many months, the government finally launched a surgical operation in the nine violence-hit zones with the Rangers getting a free hand to take action against

Arif Nizami

Our intransigent policies

Pakistan’s deteriorating relations with the US present a security conundrum for our policy makers: what if all our choices are bad ones? A sizeable section of domestic opinion presents only simplistic solutions

White Lies

News is out that an all-powerful energy tycoon has had the rug slipped out from under his feet. The businessman, who was more than well connected with the Musharraf regime, has had

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad

A misdirected operation

As if giving a timely advice to the target killers, the government ordered them to leave Karachi hours before launching the operation. It was announced that a surgical operation in nine violence-prone

The burden of Karachi

Karachi presents the spectacle of a place fast haemorrhaging to death while Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, in contemporary attire, sits in Islamabad in the company of his minions, nonchalantly

Ejaz Haider

Anything positive?

Give me something positive about Pakistan, asked Bob Hathaway, director of the Asia Programme at the Woodrow Wilson Centre for Scholars in Washington DC, as we sat down to lunch in the