Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi

The Denial Republic

We are approaching Pakistan’s 64th Independence Day but we continue to debate the reasons for the partition of British India and the establishment of Pakistan. There are disagreements on the root causes

Shaukat Umer

Anatomy of terror

It was in Bali, probably in the summer of 1992, where the Ministers of the Non-Aligned Movement had assembled in preparation for the forthcoming Jakarta Summit. A group of interested delegations, tasked

Mayank Austen Soofi

At a temple

On Sunday evening I was in Jama Masjid, the grand Old Delhi mosque that Mughal emperor Shahjahan built in 1628. The gigantic courtyard was taken over by hundreds of men, women and

Dr Faisal Bari

Teacher is the key

If you talk to public sector teachers or teacher representatives, across Pakistan, they tell you how frustrating their jobs are. They feel they are not given proper career paths (why can a

Ahmed Yusuf

Nazim or Commissioner

The Nazim-led local government system returns to Sindh. And while the PPP will eventually find a way to pacify not just the MQM but also the ANP and Sindhi nationalists, this step

Rabia Ahmed

Lunar calendar

‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said, ‘to talk of many things, of ramzan and prayers and zakat tax, of CPI and load sheddings, And why our days are boiling hot And

Urooj Zia

Leg of buffalo!

What must a woman do if she is harassed on the street in Pakistan? She has two options: grind her teeth and bear it, or go to a police station and initiate


Trust issues

The struggle of the High Peace Council, led by Prof Burhanuddin Rabbani, for the restoration peace, solidarity and prosperity not only in Afghanistan but in the entire region are commendable. But they

Humayun Gauhar

Death by debt?

Last Sunday, I joked that China had put the US on EBay. Was I wrong? By its debt and creditworthiness being downgraded for the first time ever, the United States of America

M J Akbar

Knowing when to lose

The French politician who formally congratulated the mayor of Paris for losing the 2012 Olympics bid to London made perfect sense. The straitjacket of security, he explained, would drive summer tourists away

Iqbal Haider

Beyond borders

Soon after her appointment as the first lady foreign minister of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar had to face the tedious task of negotiations with the much more senior and experienced foreign minister

Arif Nizami

Dire straits

The doomsday pundits and naysayers predicting the imminent demise of the government at the hands of an obdurate apex court were sadly disappointed. According to puritan jurists like Justice (retd) Wajihuddin, it

White Lies

It seems that the Bin Ladens are not just in the demolition business, they are huge in the construction business as well. The late Osama bin Laden demolished the twin towers, once