Waqqas Mir

On the Party

Validation doesn’t do much for me since I am quite happy being the odd one out. But on that rainy evening in an airport lounge I pressed a former finance minister about

Kamran Rehmat

Fear of the known

With two decades in the thick of making headline content, I have a confession to make: I am running out of words. Sometimes it is down to the frenzy of one event

Humayun Gauhar


“Would you bring forth a child into the world today?” asked my friend Brian Cloughley. Brian – defense analyst, prolific columnist, author of books on the Pakistani military – and I were

M J Akbar

Beware the Ides of June

There is something about June that does not quite agree with Congress fortunes. On June 25, 1946, the Congress accepted the Wavell plan to protect a notional form of Indian unity, only

Sarmad Bashir

Shocked and outraged

They can kill unarmed citizens with impunity. And when it comes to that, it is difficult to make any distinction between the paramilitary forces and police. The deadly shootings in Kharotabad and

Arif Nizami

On the ropes

In the wake of consistent ‘army bashing’ by the politicians and the media in the past few weeks, the military high command has been forced to come up with a detailed response.

White Lies

There is no record of anyone having achieved greatness just because they happen to have a siren chanting motorcade accompanying them as they move around the city. Yet Pakistani leaders feel great

Moral low point

It is distressing to see the claimants of moral high ground in politics falling to a low ebb when it comes to either saving their fiefdoms, or occupying offices of profit and

Ejaz Haider

Why I am sad

As I sit down to write this article, I am sad and deeply troubled for four reasons. I am sad that I had to lose a friend, Saleem Shahzad; I am sad

Rabia Ahmed

Khan vs The match-fixers

Dear Mr Khan, some of us are rooting for you, mainly because the other options are worse. People say you appear to care about this country, even though you’re rather muddled. Well

Agha Akbar

Humpty Dumpty Economy

The annual budget has come and gone, to wherever budgets lacking vision, ground realities and with no chance of implementation end up. Usually in the waste-paper baskets of senior bureaucrats, or as

Imran Husain

Show of farce

I had seriously begun to believe until last Friday that I’d stopped being shocked or surprised by stuff that can and does happen in Pakistan. Under the circumstances it would appear ridiculous

Nazir Naji

Are we being cornered?

The disclosure by Iranian President Ahmedinejad that America was out to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear assets cannot be ignored. He claimed, “We have precise information that America wants to sabotage the Pakistani nuclear

Harris Bin Munawar

Economy is a coward…

Religious leaders have slammed the parliament for discussing the 2011-12 budget to divert the attention from their protest against America’s war on terror. “They always steal attention. We will not accept this

Kuldip Nayar

Why the volte-face?

Civil society and government are seldom on the same page. The reason is not because their interests clash, but because their adversarial role does not allow them to concur. India is in