After Zainab

 The path to be taken Autumn has arrived. In some, though not all parts of the country, cooler winds are blowing. Early mornings and late nights can be pleasant to chilly. It

Ukraine’s red alert

Russia’s old attitude The long ongoing proxy warfare in Ukraine formally entered the religious realm this week when the Russian Orthodox Church severed relations with Patriarchate of Constantinople – the historical seat

Remshay Ahmed

Remshay Ahmed

And the way forward Last week on 10th October the world marked Mental Health Day. Throughout the entire week, people from different walks of life shared their experiences with mental health problems

Serving justice

May our judicial system serve justice to all victims and survivors Justice… a seven-letter word the importance of which can be felt only in its absence. But today, for once in my

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Judging the judge

And the system itself For the first time under the incumbent constitution, Article 209 has been deployed and used, practically. In the past 40 years, the superior judiciary has never removed a

Muslim bin Aqeel

Solution for south Punjab

Let administrative, not ethnicity-related, issues drive demand for new provinces Distribution of power in democracy has always been hotly debated in the contemporary political scenario of Pakistan. The creation of new province