Hasan Aftab Saeed

Who created God?

On faulty questions and the need to agree on meanings of words The more things change, the more they remain the same. This is especially true of discussions on metaphysics or religion,

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The starting point

Experience in administrative matters is a necessary prerequisite For any new government, a beginning point is always carved out to start the inception of their rule. Every leader starts off on a

Arif Nizami

Chartering a new course

Easier said than done The newly inducted PTI government is mainly focusing upon ending Pakistan’s growing international and regional isolation. And this is how it should be. Owing to the prolonged corruption

Aadil Aamir

Power games in Punjab

Thus passes the glory of the world In a letter to Gandhi, Lord Mountbatten wrote, “In the Punjab we have 55,000 soldiers and large scale rioting on our hands while in Bengal

Tea without biscuits

Naya Pakistan in the making Shabana Mahfooz First day at work in a jogging attire, oath taking ceremony in reportedly record low budget, first address to nation comprising an array of expected

The saffron surf

Vajpayee and the BJP Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s ashes would be ritualistically immersed in the Mandovi and Zuari rivers of Goa on Thursday, eight days after he passed away

Rabia Ahmed

Being taken for a ride

They are being dishonest and they think their electorate is foolish Punjab has a new chief minister, Mr Usman Buzdar of the PTI. Although this is Mr Buzdar’s first Provincial Assembly seat,