Omer Javed

No Big (IMF) Deal!

Course correction required from the PTI In a recent interview of BBC’s Hard Talk, the Finance Minister (FM) was told by the anchor person that his government wanted to escape taking hard

To the table, finally!

But who brought whom? After almost two decades of war, with thousands of lives lost on all sides, and billions of dollars spent, has the world’s super power came to the realisation

Faraz Talat

How marriage enables inequality

It’s not clear when marriage was invented It’s imperative to acknowledge that a marriage is not a natural relationship among consenting adults. It’s an institution invented to determine the legitimacy of a

Mahnoor Sheikh

CSS pressure

‘Think clear, write simple’ is the key Taking a break from hardcore political stuff, I decided to write on something that is of concern to many young people here in Pakistan. Almost

48 hours later

A sobering reminder! 10:30 am, Thursday, 17th of December, exactly 24 hours after. The winter sun is out, blurred by haze, on an otherwise pleasant winter’s day. The ancient and resilient city

Reverse swept

Demonetisation jarred the BJP just as much as it had hammered the economy The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) losing elections across five states earlier this month, most notably Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and

Shah Nawaz Mohal

When home is Hell

Everywhere and anywhere else is Eden waiting with open arms, armed coastal guards and barbed wires For some home is not the place where their heart is. For some salvation lies elsewhere.