Arif Nizami

Too many cooks

The curious case of the spokesperson Most news-watchers were shocked to see Dr. Farrukh Saleem the government’s presumptive spokesman on the economy explicating the doom and gloom scenario of our present economic

Umair Jamal

Liberal India?

While Pakistan makes up for its past India sheds its secular image Prime Minister Imran Khan in a recent statement said that “We will show the Modi government how to treat minorities.

Omer Javed

Learning from Vietnam – II

Since we are looking for examples to follow Pakistan has to move from efforts to obtain direct foreign assistance or foreign aid to attracting foreign capital — primarily in the form of foreign direct investment as

Moeen Khan

Temporal apathy

Not as harmless as it seems? In September, barely a month after the new government assumed office, a casual acquaintance mentioned how it had “completely” failed – free falling rupee, inflation, security

Symbolic acts

Influencing generations The modern day Republic of Turkey’s founder, and leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, whereas can and has been criticised by many across the Muslim world for transforming Turkey from a country

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

China in Afghanistan

Best bet for peace in the region China has been emerging as a major power bringing peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This significantly matters as worrying nations could defuse mutual tension. China’s

Sultan M Hali

Update on CPEC

Moving forward As the year 2018 ended, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), showed progress, which merits a review. CPEC is a major

Rabia Ahmed

Adopt a madrassah?

Good, although these ‘business enterprises’ will need to be monitored The PTI manifesto states as part of a promise to transform education that it will ‘map out and register all seminaries across

Saad Muhammad

Taking education seriously

Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates amongst the developing countries Iqra, the first word that marked the advent of the revelation of the holy-scripture for Muslims, The Quran, urges humans to