Myth of police reforms

Policing should focus on the investigation The police reform agenda is often marred by self interest and sustaining control over police operational command structure. The trinity of reform elements includes public, police

Omer Javed

Learning from Finland – I

School education and economy At the time of the fall of the USSR, Finland was struggling with its deep economic growth issues, but in a few years’ time it was able to

Kashmir shows Indian gaps

India should learn from the Kashmir experience India’s view is that abrogation of Kashmir’s special status and Kashmiris’ hereditary proprietary rights is an internal matter. They harp on the Kashmiris’ struggle to

Arif Nizami

Maulana’s quixotic march

Islam in danger again? The Islamic version of Don Quixote with hordes of his Sancho Panzas in tow is all set to descend upon Islamabad later this month. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has unilaterally

Abusing children again

The capture of the perpetrator is not enough In Pakistan, the episode of child abuse during last year’s Zainab Case was too painful and yet again the road to suffering seems not


Access to the internet

There are many barriers to proper connectivity in Pakistan By Amna Khan Access to resources in Pakistan depends heavily upon your region of birth within the country. If you’re born in Punjab