Omer Javed

Not the IMF way

We need a package of creative economic policies In my doctoral research, which culminated in receiving both distinction and as a Springer published monograph in their ‘Contributions to Economics’ series, I thoroughly

Remshay Ahmed

Re-tracking Pak-US ties

Peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan A country’s foreign policy helps determine its position in the international arena. It is an extension of a country’s domestic policy and highlights what the

Shaheera Syed

A long road ahead

Our society continues to predominantly equate women’s modesty with docility One of the most positive trends in the 2018 elections was increased women participation in Pakistan, both in terms of candidates and

Rabia Ahmed

Not a mugwump

There’s enough confusion as it is A person who works in a large organisation in a well-organised country has to ensure he does not step on interdepartmental toes. He cannot for example

Aadil Aamir

The South Punjab conundrum

People should benefit In order to garner exclusivity and prominence amongst other princes of India, the nawabs of Bahawalpur have always claimed their descent from the Abbasid caliphs of Baghdad. However, their