Aadil Aamir

State vs democracy

The society in Pakistan at the moment presents a dismal political divide Contemporary Pakistan rarely witnesses intellectual debates. One such debate is the state vs democracy debate. Pakistan has never seen such

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The message of peace

Unfortunately, the message of Karbala remains to be interpreted and understood Every year, thousands of people rally together in the month of Muharram. Clad, mostly, in black clothes these people gather and

Arif Nizami

RIP Kulsoom

No light at the end of the tunnel The massive outpouring of sympathy across the political spectrum for the family on the demise of the Sharif matriarch begum Kulsoom Nawaz was a

A History of Bigotry

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Asif Mehmood

Sketches of a new LG system

Local councils show a vast pattern of dissimilarities around the world The prime minister constituted a committee a few days ago to present a new framework of local governance within a week that will subsequently

Rabia Ahmed

Is Pakistan for all

This is not cricket The Sindh governor’s house opened its door to the public for the first time recently. Cute. All that equality and openness. Now how about Pakistan opening its doors

Defiance of merit

A rule prevalent in Naya Pakistan too? Merit based appointments and placements are the most basic yet a key human resource proposition for business and organisational success worldwide. This principle, however, is

Diplomatic dilemmas

Khan might go with what Pakistani leaders have normally gone with Almost a month into the new government taking oath there already are quite a few talking points. While many of these