Kuldip Nayar

Congress Mughals

King’s son shall always be king There is no surprise. It was well known that the Congress Party is hopelessly dependent on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Elevation of Rahul Gandhi to the post

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The Fridays

And landmark judgments Judicial decisions and judgements have the utmost importance in the eyes of the public, especially in a democratic setup. Having an independent and unbiased judiciary bent upon keeping the

Arif Nizami

Democracy under fire?

Or a self-fulfilling prophecy A miasma of foreboding has engulfed the nation just like the current winter fog. A noxious air of uncertainty fueled by squabbling politicians pervades our body politics. It

Saad Awan

The Hariri episode

And the tirade against Khomeini Lebanon’s recent Hariri episode seems to have originated straight from the classics of Hollywood. If that is not the case, it definitely does boost the credentials to

Faraz Talat

Who is Raza?

And who’s next? The most pressing question at this moment in time – the one being asked repeatedly by the placard-wielding loved ones of our missing friend – is a simple one: