Kwak Sung-kyu

Autumn in Pyongyang

The story of opening a new future to the Korean people has not come to an end yet Autumn has come in the Korean Peninsula, especially in Pyeongyang. Following previous inter-Korea summit

Arif Nizami

The thaw that never was

In the wake of positive diplomacy It is indeed a positive development that the Imran Khan led PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) within a month of its induction is making all out efforts to

The austerity drive

A bane or boon for economic progression? In an aberration to the associated U-turns, for now, the PTI led government apparently seems more than committed in staying true to at least one

Aminah Mohsin

Identity lost

How can Islam regain its honour? Making President Donald J. Trump “look as bad as possible”, the official death toll from hurricanes that wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico last year has caused

Rabia Ahmed

Alternative solutions

Spending on restricting population growth is worthwhile Polluted waterways are a major environmental issue, and the looming spectre of extreme water shortage only adds to it. The efficacy of dams as a