Rabia Ahmed

A revealing directive

Though rescinded, it revealed a mentality Somewhere in this country recently, a house was burgled. Diamonds worth a fortune were stolen. The police made no attempt to locate the thief or thieves.

Echoes of peace, drumbeats of war

Candid Corner One morphing into the other, leaving behind trails of devastation “Before you become too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerising video displays, let me remind you that information is not


Business-oriented education

Why our education does not improve lives By Rameez Ali Mahesar Needless to say, education has been described a great deal. But in a nutshell, it can improve lifestyles. Now, the question

M A Niazi

Palestine and Kashmir together again

Netanyahu’s Jordan Valley pledge echoes Modi’s on Kashmir AT PENPOINT The consequences of the past are now unfolding, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, engaged like Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in an

Controlling Dengue

The disease is lethal, but can be beaten Dengue has evolved as a global life-threatening public health concern, affecting around 2.5 billion people in over 100 countries. The number of cases reported

Hasan Aftab Saeed

‘God’s Plan’

And does everything happen for the best? There’s no dearth of misery and misfortune in the world. There’s plenty of joy and happiness too, but as far as most thoughtful individuals are