Not Trump’s throne

But his world! On Nov 2, US President Donald Trump tweeted an image of himself captioned ‘Sanctions Army Coming November 5’ in an obvious, and outlandish, use of Game of Thrones imagery

Salman Farrukh

Handling suicides

We lack the capacity to deal with emotional problems The emergence of ‘suicide’ bombing as a war tactic used by non-state actors, especially after 9/11, has perhaps attached even more notorious connotations

Iqra Javed

Terror and trauma

Let’s get real and deal with it A year back, I travelled for the first time to Swat, also known as heaven on earth, for my research project about the status of

Omer Javed

PM Housing Scheme

Risks and opportunities – I PTI in its manifesto for the General Elections 2018, highlighted that it will take upon itself, and which it has, after coming into power to initiate the

Shah Nawaz Mohal

World of wounds

How to live, laugh, languish and die in scattered, simmering world of today Wounds are strange creatures. When they heal, they leave marks. When they don’t, they kill. Either way, they remain.

Words for the wise

A clear, well worded narrative is a powerful thing “Language is a weapon of politicians, but language is a weapon in much of human affairs.” – Noam Chomsky The government is on

Uzair Khan

South Punjab

A case of swing state Conventionally, it is deemed that Ohio elects the president of the United States. History shows as goes Ohio so goes the US. Similarly, the southern region of

Arif Nizami

Kowtowing to Extremism

The easy way out Instead of catching the bull by the horns the PTI led government has buckled under the collective might of religious zealots and extremists. The political opposition the go-to

Umair Jamal

War of narratives

Using sensitive issues for political gains The past two weeks of Pakistan’s politics have been tumultuous, presenting a disconsolate depiction of where the country is heading in the coming months and years.