Remshay Ahmed

Nationalism by numbers

Capitalism has won! Globalisation, however, has failed.     By means of this the New World Order has also brought its numerous advantages to the masses through its globalisation mantra. However, the

Dr Qaisar Rashid

What General Bajwa says

  “The point is simple: Development projects are not meant for saving any economy. Instead, they are meant for running the economy.” One thing is now obvious: the balance of Pakistan’s system

Rabia Ahmed

Incitement to violence

  “…statements ‘distancing themselves’ from Captain Safdar’s views came several days too late for decency, and much too late for  a family belonging to the Ahmadi faith that was shot to death


October memories

Problem with learning lessons     Coup anniversaries naturally raise poignant memories. For the duration of the so-called decade of democracy – the ‘90s – everybody talked about the damage of Zia’s