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Status Quo Ahead

The government has made a comeback for all those who were wondering what banks’ next avenue of choice would be. With a complete and partially rejected auction up its sleeve, the financial

Capital controls

Currency war, capital controls, regional trade and protectionist policies would be the hot topics in the years to come. Countries are worried about their exports, employment, productivity and GDP growth. Not a

Two pronged European predicament

The European debt crisis has donned the garb of that vicious circle that continues to tantalise and torment the thinking heads around the globe, simultaneously. Gulping Portugal, then Greece and the latest

Marketing waste

My mentor and good friend, Nadeem Chawhan an organisational story teller, once said, “If you’re smart and know how to market a product, you can sell anything even if its crap, packaged

An opportunistic axis

The vanguards of democracy in the Asia-Pacific region, the United States, India and Japan have come together for a trilateral strategic consultation and have decided upon holding joint naval exercises this year

The road to redemption

NHA (National Highway Authority) isn’t exactly known for its imaginative spark or the use of their neurons of ingenuity. However, if NHA were to think out of the book – so to

Finance lesson for Asia

There are important lessons for Asia in the financial catastrophe unfolding in Europe. The more the continent’s leaders run from pillar to post to avoid contagion, the more they expose governments’ inability

Evaluating dependency on the US

The extrapolation of the neo-colonial discourse onto the Pakistani geo-political context provides the most commonplace and plausible explanation; the United States exercises control over the Pakistani political and economic system, and, of

Agri collapse in ’12

With 2011 rightly dubbed a black year for agriculture, the outlook is not much rosier in the new year for the economy’s largest employer. A number of crucial factors combine to put