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The last act

To save their illicit personal empires, quite literally their lives, the Sharifs begging for a bail-out by the military that they so methodically, so venomously demonised “And some that smile have in

Save democracy, constitution

In the name of democracy, public service and governance has suffered The two dharnas with all their dramas have generated a deep division in the Pakistani media and perhaps even society. One

The revolution’s body language

What can’t be, yet is, said     This revolution has been a complicated affair for print media. Khan sahib’s repeated speeches and shifting demands have disturbed deadlines and editorials for a prolonged

Ball in the military’s court

INTERVIEW: General (retd) Talat Masud Army’s hold over important matters is not new   Islamabad’s political paralysis has reached a point where talk of army intervention has started doing the rounds more

Inequality For All

Documentary Review The vicious cycle of a widening income gap In his revolutionary documentary ‘Inequality for All’, the economist Robert Reich explores the reasons behind a weakening middle-class and its implications for