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“WhatsApp Uncles”

A lie, they say, would have traveled halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its boots. We are indeed in the post-factual world. An idiot with high production


Cable television certainly was a gamechanger in Pakistani media. More affordable than the expensive “dish” technology, it brought international programming to Pakistani homes, further encouraging the eventual freeing up of the news

Theatre Galore

Make way for the breakout star Tujh Say Nahi Ho Ga!  It was a busy few weeks for the theatre circuit in Lahore as four different original plays debuted, with three of

Quest for Kashmir

The Pepsi Showcase event at Avari Pavilion on Monday intended to showcase some of the latest designer wear and the summer collections that the topmost brands had to offer. But what it

Get on yer bike!

Remember Zenith Irfan, the ‘motorcycle girl’ who became the first woman to travel the distance from Lahore to the Khunjerab Pass solo on a bike? Her story, narrated through the Facebook page

On the budget

With the budget having been presented – a historical first time a government has presented a budget for a sixth time during a tenure, with arguments both for and against – there

More rusty comebacks

The 90s/2000s artistes are on a converging comeback trail. After we looked back at Strings first two singles of the eight that they have promised for their upcoming album 30 two more

No Strings attached

Early last month, Strings announced that they would be marking their 30th anniversary with eight singles for their upcoming album 30 one after the other in the coming weeks. That understandably had