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Media Watch: The age of fear

It is grainy footage from, presumably, a CCTV camera. It’s a quiet street. Some cars, some trees and some kids playing. Two men come over on a motorbike, swerve and discreetly pick

Criminal filmmaking

When we – repeatedly, painstakingly, relentlessly, on a loop – talk about the revival of Pakistani cinema, the only thing that Wajood appears to have revived is Javed’s Sheikh movie-making count. What

The rebirth of Chauburji

Let me take you to a monument which was until very recently breathing its last. Only a few months ago, the very existence of this monument was being hotly debated, and there

7 Din Bollywood In

In the lead up to Eid, the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage prohibited the screening of Indian films for a week. While a laissez-faire approach towards the film

Sheeda rhymes with “banjar”

Sheikh Rasheed, of course, isn’t known for minding his language. The self-described “downtown man” claims to have his hand on the pulse of the people, which would be true, if “the people”

Media Watch: Duelling Chaudhrys

Neither went to finishing school. When we hear of a guests’ list of a television talk show that has both the League’s Talal Chaudhry and the PTI’s Fawad Chaudhry, we should know

Ode to the Amaltas

It’s six in the afternoon and the hot, dry, summer breeze whistles dolefully through the trees and the shrubbery at Bagh-i-Jinnah (Lawrence Gardens), keeping the stagnant air at bay. The tennis and

Media Watch: Not taking this lying down

A thunderous speech. Recently elected All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) President Hameed Haroon made an impassioned plea for press freedom at the annual APNS awards function, attended by both former prime minister

Why not, Junoon?

Probably the only thing wrong with Call reprising Jilawatan, and EP performing Hamesha in back to back episodes of last year’s Pepsi Battle of the Bands was the fact that the two