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Media Watch: NY Times Leaks?

The nation and its news media (broadcast as well as the supposedly more cerebral print) have infamously short memories. A shockwave of sorts had hit the airwaves a couple of years ago,

Media Watch: Another ticking time-bomb

Much humour going around about the PTI’s choices for members of cabinet. They’ve selected a finance minister who doesn’t understand the economy, and an information minister who doesn’t…know how to talk? This

Media Watch: On public suicides

It’s a dreadfully sad case. Retired Brigadier Asad Munir, a former ISI veteran, a former CDA officer and, ironically, a former NAB Deputy Director General, committed suicide in the wee hours of

In conversation with Kate Hollett

Berlin –Artist, professor and award-winning creative director, the super talented Kate Hollett sat down in Berlin for an exclusive interview with Pakistan Today. An artist that has taken a unique interest in

Media Watch: Cobragate

It was quite a sting operation. New Indian news outfit Cobrapost has caused quite a tumult in the Indian entertainment industry by covertly recording conversations with Bollywood celebrities where the latter were

Exeunt Rashid Suhrawardy

He was an Oxford educated actor best known for his his time with the Royal Shakespeare Company. His mother was a Russian actress of Polish descent. An Englishman in diction and in