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Delusions of grandeur

He was always given to hyperbole. Naturally, Shoaib Shaikh, the middle-class kid from Faisalabad didn’t found a humongous and shady diploma mill on the basis of calling a spade a spade. No,

Pulling the Strings… again

The Twitter account of Strings the Band had been running on throwbacks until recently a very unexpected development took place. On the morning of March the second, the group dropped a hashtag

Exploring new genres  

The latest film wave in Pakistan is off to a disastrous start in the horror genre   ‘In their quest to muster all the formulaic ingredients for a typical horror film (of

Media Watch: Déjà vu

If one were to watch the television coverage of Muharam processions from last year, and compare it to the coverage for the year before, there really would not be much difference. Sure,