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Brand’s statue at Tussauds

Brand’s statue at Tussauds

British comedian Russell Brand’s wax statue was unveiled at Madame Tussauds museum here.
The statue is clad in a well-fitted grey suit, open black shirt and Brand’s trademark silver jewellery. The waxwork joins the likes of Dame Helen Mirren, Robert Pattinson and Angelina Jolie.
“We are delighted to welcome Russell to the attraction. He is a one off; a uniquely eccentric English entertainer with international box office hits under his belt and an ever-expanding fan base,”

Bipasha wants some action

Bipasha Basu is itching to do action roles. While her latest film “Aakrosh” is about honour killings where she plays her most fragile character yet, the actress says in real life she is fit enough to beat her boyfriend John Abraham’s energy levels.
“I want to do action. I think I am too fit at this point in time and that is a zone that I have not tapped fully and in India we don’t have too many films where the woman gets to do action. Hopefully, somewhere I see that I will be

Salman rubbishes surgery reports

Just a day after gossip-mills went abuzz with reports that Salman Khan has had a surgery to sport youthful eyes, the actor has come out to rubbish all such reports. And if Salman is to be believed then it’s the scratch under his eye and not any surgery that is forcing him to sport glares.
Posting a picture of his bruised eye on his Twitter homepage, Salman tweeted, “I was okay to walk the ramp without the glares but everyone who saw my eye got scared. So I thought it best to wear

‘Women can spot the sound of flirtatious rivals’

In a study, men who were played recordings of a range of women’s voices judged those with higher-pitched tones the most attractive – especially when asked to choose who they would favour for a one-night stand.
When women listened to the same range of voices, they accurately predicted which would be the most appealing to the men.
The researchers, at Pennsylvania State University, believe that higher voices in women may have evolved to sound youthful, flirty and attractive

NZ Maori exhibit warns off pregnant women

New Zealand’s national museum on Tuesday warned pregnant or menstruating women to stay away from some of its exhibits or risk an encounter with angry Maori spirits.
The Te Papa Museum in Wellington confirmed it had invited regional museum staff on a behind-the-scenes tour of its collections on the condition that women who were pregnant or menstruating did not attend.
The museum’s Maori adviser Michelle Hippolite said the condition was because some of the Maori artifacts had

Lebanon flags up yet another world record

Having breezed through several world records in the culinary field Lebanon has now gone for the big one – the world’s largest national flag, and so huge it needed an airfield.
The Lebanese military on Sunday released a picture taken from air of the massive flag, stitched in Kuwait, assembled in Lebanon and covering 65,000 square metres (645,600 square feet) “unfurled.”
Morocco is the current holder of the Guinness world record for the largest flag, at a mere 60,000 square

Blowing up Russia’s inflatable army

The Russian military has come up with an inventive way to deceive the enemy and save money at the same time: inflatable weapons. They look just like real ones: they are easy to transport and quick to deploy.
The decoys are a hundred times cheaper than the real thing, which means Moscow will save a lot of money by blowing up its own weapons.
On the edge of Moscow, two men carry a black duffle bag into a field, then drop it on the ground. When they open the bag, they take

Heartbreak museum is Croatia’s latest attraction

An iron used for a wedding suit, a rear-view mirror broken in a jealous fit and a lower leg prosthesis — at first it’s hard to find any link between the items on display at a new museum in Croatia.
But every exhibit in the Museum of Broken Relationships has one thing in common — it tells the story of a lost love.
These material remnants of failed romances down the years are sometimes mundane, sometimes bizarre, sometimes funny, sad or even kinky.
The prosthesis is

Abhishek to host soccer star

Soccer crazy Abhishek Bachchan recently bonded with Dutch soccer star Wesley Sneijder, who is looking to come down to India. Junior Bachchan met Wesley at a recent event and has become friends with him.
Both of them hung out for hours together as Abhishek and Wesley kept chatting over football. Wesley informed Abhi that he was fascinated about India and was planning to come down to the country with his wife. Abhi immediately told the footballer to inform him when he is flying

Vivek says no to smoking

Vivek Oberoi is known to get into the skin of the character and he does the same in his upcoming film ‘Rakta Charitra’.
Playing the role of Ravi and a messiah for many in the film, the character just like Chandu (Company) and Maya (Shoot out Lokhandwala) demanded him to smoke. However, Vivek is one actor who has been participating actively in the No Smoking campaigns and also discouraging people to use tobacco. Hence, he refused to smoke on screen. He believes tobacco is

‘Rumours are fun’

Minissha Lamba who was in the city a couple of days ago told us what’s keeping her busy these days. She said, “Films and launch parties keep me busy.” But what about her butt insurance – has she got it done yet? “No, I haven’t yet,” she chuckled, and added, “And I am not going to do that ever. It was just a rumour that I was planning to get my butt insured. I don’t know where that came from.” But she isn’t complaining. “It happens. Rumours are floated around, and often you get to know

Neha Dhupia turns singer

Neha Dhupia will soon be seen singing. There is an entire song by Kailash Kher about her and director Kapoor was hell bent that Neha sings the song herself. The song was recorded on Saturday at a suburban studio.
When contacted, Subhash Kapoor, the director of the film, said, “Neha plays a female gangster called ‘Munni Madam’ from Meerut (how original). It’s a very strong character and in the song, there is a bit about her character. I was keen that she herself sings the song,

Madonna’s heart is in London

Madonna is hoping to make London her home once again, if she can gain a residence visa.
The 52-year-old ‘Queen of Pop’ had left for New York in 2008 after her divorce from filmmaker Guy Ritchie, saying she never wanted to live here again.
But she now appears smitten once more..
“Madonna has loved being back in the States since the divorce, but England is where she feels her heart is now. She is deliberately focusing on work that will keep her in Britain,” said a

‘I didn’t release any tapes’: Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Gibson’s former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva claims she didn’t release tapes documenting the actor’s alleged violence.
But the Russian singer, who is currently involved in a custody battle with the actor over their 12-month-old daughter Lucia, admits she wants everyone to know how much of a “bully” her former partner is.
“I’ve never leaked those tapes. I’d like for people to know the real Mel Gibson. Even though he’s rich and famous, he’s a bully. And I want other women

Anushka parts ways with beau

Anushka Sharma is single again. She has parted ways with her boyfriend, actor Ranveer Singh from Yash Raj’s forthcoming film ‘Band Baaja Baarat’. The two actors were dating since April this year.
Says a source, “Anushka and Ranveer felt that they should concentrate on their careers now. Any distractions whatsoever could prove detrimental. It was a mutual decision. There is no animosity between the two.”
Added the source, “The couple had been catching up for private dinners

Salman Khan goes under knife for youthful eyes

It’s not only the women in Bollywood who are conscious about their looks. Even the men seem to be very concerned about their appearance. And after, Priyanka Chopra had reportedly gone under the knife to perfect her rounded nose, buzz has it that superstar Salman Khan too has resorted to cosmetic means to sport a youthful look. The ‘Dabangg’ star is in news for having undergone a surgery to get rid of his eye bags.
And it’s for this reason that the actor is sporting dark glares at