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Japanese quake shakes up Hollywood

Japanese quake shakes up Hollywood

TOKYO – Early estimates indicate a steep drop-off in box office revenue outside the U.S. immediately following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The country is one of Hollywood’s biggest international markets, although industry analysts say the disaster’s long-term financial impact on movie studios should be limited.
Box office revenue in Japan plunged about 41 percent last weekend, compared with the prior weekend, according to data from Rentrak Corp. In the U.S., the decline

Mad Hatter Johnny Depp named ‘hat person of the year’

WASHINGTON – Johnny Depp has been crowned “hat person of the year,” beating out other celebrity hat-wearers including US singer Gwen Stefani and Australian actor Hugh Jackman, the US Headwear Association said Tuesday.
Nearly four in 10 visitors to the Headwear Association’s website voted in the annual poll for “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Depp and his wide-brimmed fedoras, helping him to roundly beat Stefani and Jackman who garnered 17 percent and 16 percent of votes cast,

Tom Hanks to star in Somali pirate story

Tom Hanks is attached to star as high-seas hero Capt. Richard Phillips in a movie about the rescue of crewmen from an American ship captured by Somali pirates.
Columbia Pictures picked up the life rights to Phillips, as well as his book, in spring 2009. The goal is to retell the story of the captain of the trading vessel Maersk Alabama who, in order to save his crew, surrendered to Somali pirates after his ship was hijacked. The standoff, which commanded worldwide attention,

Barrymore to direct romantic comedy

Drew Barrymore plans to direct her second movie, ‘How to Be Single,’ a romantic comedy based on a 2008 novel of the same name.
‘Single’ explores the loves lives and break-ups of a group of New Yorkers over the course of ten years. Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn wrote the adaptation of Liz Tuccillo’s book.
The New Line project will be in the vein of the studio’s successful multi-story pictures such as ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and ‘Valentine’s Day.’ (‘Single’ actually

Virtual Elvis concert gets thumbs-up

Elvis Week this year will include the traditional candlelight vigil remembering Elvis Presley’s death and a concert featuring a virtual image of the rock icon.
Elvis Week draws thousands of fans every year to Graceland, Elvis’ longtime home in Memphis, for a celebration of his life and death. This year’s Elvis Week is highlighted by a concert with a live band and real backup singers performing in front on a large LED-screen with a virtual Elvis belting out tunes.

Is Vidya Balan Ali Zafar’s Indian wife?

Prince of pop-turned-King of Soul, Ali Zafar has stolen millions of hearts ever since he released his first song. His fan following has multiplied frenetically over the past few years with the maturity of his music and acting skills.
At a press conference in Melbourne for Indian Film Festival 2011 where Ali Zafar was present amongst Bollywood bigwigs Arbaz Khan, Malaika Arora, Vidya Balan, Joohi Chawla, and others. This ‘Tere Bin Laden’ star who was sitting beside Vidya Balan

Shakira snapped kissing Pique

LOS ANGELES – Shakira’s alleged new romance with football star Gerard Pique has hit headlines again after a picture of them kissing was printed on the cover of a magazine. The Colombian superstar announced back in January that she had split from her longtime boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua.
The couple insisted they “view this period of separation as temporary,” but Shakira sparked rumours the relationship is over for good when she was linked to FC Barcelona star Pique.

Source Code – An intriguing sci-fi saga

LOS ANGELES – His career is only two movies old, but director Duncan Jones seems to specialize in science fiction that reminds you very much of other movies. ‘Moon’ (2009) certainly evoked ‘2001’ for many critics and now he delivers ‘Source Code,’ a dead-ringer for ‘Groundhog Day,’ only without the laughs.
Still if you’re going to redo a classic – after 18 years that’s not too far-fetched a designation, is it? – ‘Source Code’ makes several clever adjustments, the most important

New ‘Beavis & Butt-Head’ Will Tackle ‘Jersey Shore’ and More

NEW YORK – About a year ago, MTV president Van Toffler was having trouble sleeping. “I was eating Fruit Loops and Cap’n Crunch out of the box and flipping through the dials when a Lady Gaga video came on,” he says. That’s when he had the idea: Bring back Beavis and Butt-Head. “I felt like there was a whole crop of new artists – and what the world sorely missed was the point of view that only Beavis and Butt-Head could bring.”
The new show, which debuts later this year, will be

In defense of Charlie Sheen

NEW YORK – A few days ago, Alec Baldwin offered some advice to Charlie Sheen. “Take a nap. Get a shower. Call Chuck. Go on Letterman and make an apology. Write a huge check to the B’Nai Brith. And then beg for your job back.”
Non-celebrity to non-celebrity, we’d like to provide some equally unsolicited suggestions. Take a deep breath. Take a cold shower. Take a gigantic step back. It’s time to chill your collective shit.
When Charlie Sheen went on his first bizarre and

Disney torpedoes Zemeckis’ ‘Yellow Submarine’

LOS ANGELES – The Walt Disney Co. has scuttled a planned remake of the Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ being developed by the producer of its costly bomb ‘Mars Needs Moms,’ sources tell.
‘Submarine’ was already facing a few rocky reefs before this past weekend, when Robert Zemeckis’ $150 million-budgeted ‘Mars Needs Moms’ opened to just $6.9 million. There were budget issues, and a key presentation Zemeckis was to have made to the surviving members and heirs of the Beatles kept being

James Blunt to play at Royal Wedding

Award-winning British singer and former army officer James Blunt said in an interview broadcast on Monday that he will be playing the organ at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April.
“I’m actually playing. I’m not singing, I’m playing the church organ there,” Blunt told during a concert tour stop in Italy following the release of his third album ‘Some Kind of Trouble.’
Blunt shot to fame with his first album ‘Back to Bedlam’ in 2005 including the hit

Munni enters Guinness world record

After leaving audiences enthralled with her performance on the song in the film, Indian actress Malaika Arora has now created history by entering the Guinness Book of World Records in the city of Melbourne in Australia.
Over 1200 people danced for three minutes on the song, led by Malaika. The song was played at Melbourne Park in Australia on weekend with over 1200 people dancing together.
Malaika, who was accompanied on the song by her husband Arbaaz Khan, the producer of

Bob Dylan to perform in Vietnam

American singer Bob Dylan, famous for his anti-war songs during the Vietnam War, will perform in the Communist country for the first time next month, his promoter said Tuesday. Dylan will appear at an 8,000-plus-capacity university stadium in the southern commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City on April 10.
Dylan is popular in Vietnam because of his anti-war songs. His 1960s songs ‘Blowing in the Wind’ and ‘The Times They Are a-Changing’ were inspirations for the American civil

Bryan Adams, assistant are expecting

Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is about to become a father for the first time at the age of 51, his spokeswoman said on Monday. The ‘Summer of ’69″‘ musician is expecting the baby in May with his personal assistant, a long-time employee who helps run his charitable efforts.
“Alicia Grimaldi and I are expecting a baby,” Adams said in a statement. “She helped me start my foundation years ago and it looks like she’ll be running the family now.”
His spokeswoman declined to

Unfazed by the recession

LAHORE – The past two or three years have hit the global economy hard. Corporate giants all over the world have been forced to tighten their belts in a worldwide economic recession. The Pakistani economy has been hard hit as well, resulting in steady inflation, a devaluation of the rupee and a widening gap between the revenue of the government and the government’s expenditures, leading to a decline in the purchasing power of the average Pakistani.
Rising unemployment combined

A minute with Rashida Jones and Chris Messina

LOS ANGELES – Rashida Jones and Chris Messina are both actors currently at the top of their game. In addition to her role on the NBC comedy ‘Parks and Recreation,’ Jones has appeared in films as varied as ‘The Social Network’ and ‘I Love You, Man.’ After making his mark on ‘Six Feet Under,’ Messina has enjoyed breakthrough roles as devoted husbands in ‘Julie & Julia’ and ‘Away We Go.’
Now the two star as an engaged couple put to the test in the gritty indie ‘Monogamy,’ in which