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Tusshar pranked!

Tusshar pranked!

Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor found himself in a sticky situation thanks to a prank that the team of ‘Golmaal 3’ played on him recently.
Director Rohit Shetty, along with co-stars Ajay Devgn, Shreyas Talpade and Kunal Khemu, and popular host Cyrus Broacha were part of the prank, said a source. They had actors pose as journalists.
“As the press conference began, Tusshar kept getting asked a lot of embarrassing questions on why he chose to play a role that could potentially

I wasn’t fitness conscious: Sonu

“When I was 16, I wasn’t fitness conscious. I grew up in a small town in Punjab and there was no gymming fashion there and my knowledge of fitness was nil,” the ‘Dabangg’ star said in an interview.
“I remember going to the neighbourhood ‘akhada’ and would use dumbbells, rods and whatever else was available. It was few months later that I realised about the right equipment and how to use them. But the zeal to work hard was always present in me,” he added.
“I was a sincere

Kim Kardashian suspects men

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has admitted she often suspects men who want to date her of using her to become famous.
Kardashian who recently moved to New York to set up a new clothing boutique with her sister Kourtney, admitted she is happy to be single because she worries about the motives of men who try to romance her, reports a website.
“It’s all a learning experience. I think I’m still trying to figure it out. That’s why I think it’s probably best for me to be single

SRK enjoys ‘Khichdi’!

‘Khichdi – The Movie’, the small film with a big smile has been a trail blazer of sorts.
Followed by its box-office success, this film has paved the way for TV shows to don the silver screen avatar, hence, opening new vistas for Indian cinema.
And though it was pitted against two giants, the film managed to hold out on its own. The laugh riot was an instant hit with families.
Even Bollywood lapped it up. Shah Rukh Khan watched it with his family. Not only did he love

No tips for Salman: Khali

Reality shows are somewhat planned that is what people believe to some extent. But WWE fights are scripted is what viewers have begun to accept as true. But Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali dismisses the charge, saying, “Had this been the case, many would have represented India till now”.
“Our fights are not planned. The stunts that you see on TV are not fake! Do you think people are so gullible that they would spend money to watch something fake? I have slogged for the

Double decker bus turned into classroom

The 1983 Leyland Titan was bought on eBay for £3,500 by Parc Eglos School near Helston, Cornwall.
Head-teacher Brett Dye said, “We found a creative solution that keeps costs down while inspiring the children with a fun and unusual learning environment. It’s good to inspire the children, be imaginative and very resourceful. It’s a lot cheaper to have a bus, and I just thought it would be a wonderful thing for the school. I had the idea of using a bus during the summer holidays,

Man builds 70mph mobility scooter

A Lincolnshire plumber has built the fastest mobility scooter in the world – which whizzes along at an incredible 69mph.
Colin Furze, 31, spent nearly three months converting the machine which has a powerful 125cc motorbike engine hidden under the seat, five gears and twin exhausts.
The petrol-powered super scooter, which is British racing green, can almost reach the national speed limit and keep up with cars on the motorway.
It does 10 miles to the gallon and is nearly

World’s biggest skateboard unveiled

It is an exact replica of a normal skateboard but is 12 times longer, wider and taller.
The world record-breaking skateboard is so big it has to be fitted with racing tyres from a car and transported on a flat bed truck.
It cost over £12,600 to make, weighs 260 stones and can be ridden by up to ten people at a time.
Three people spent one month making the board from steel, wood and grip tape in California, United States.
Joe Ciaglia, a director of California

Babbage’s Analytical Engine to be constructed

A steam-powered computer designed by the 19th century mathematician could finally be built after a campaign was launched to bring his dream to life
The Analytical Engine – conceived in 1837 – remains one of the greatest inventions that never was as Babbage died before he could see out its construction.
However, John Graham-Cumming, a programmer and science blogger, now hopes to realise Babbage’s vision by raising £400,000 to build the giant brass and iron contraption.

Indian tycoon’s 27-storey sky palace

Billionaire Ambani’s luxurious ‘Antilia’ stands 570ft high over the Mumbai skyline
This is the extravagant £630m ($1bn) home built by a billionaire Indian tycoon to house his family-of-four in Mumbai. With 27 storeys, Antilia will be home to Mukesh Ambani featuring a health club, gym, dance studio, a ballroom, at least one swimming pool and a 50-seater cinema.
Towering above the Mumbai skyline, the 37,000sq ft property is 570ft high and also boasts three helipads on its

‘Crook’ slammed as racist

The Bollywood film ‘Crook: it’s Good to be Bad’, which has scenes inspired from the violent attacks on Indian students in Melbourne, has been slammed as racist.
In the film, Melbourne is depicted as a city rife with gang violence between Australians and Indians, while the locals are portrayed as being either beer-guzzling blokes or immoral women.
“The film tries to pack in every sensational aspect of racism that is possible. There’s a white woman who pole dances and sleeps

Fox ‘knocks out’ rip-off

Sohail Maklai might have heaved a sigh of relief yesterday late evening when the special bench of the Bombay High Court passed the decision that he can release his film ‘Knock Out’.
However the decision comes at a steep cost; Maklai has had to cough up Rs1.5 crore as damages, as the judge ruled that the film was indeed a copy of the Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Phone Booth’, starring Colin Firth.
Our source said, “20th Century Fox had filed the case against the makers of ‘Knock

Katy, Russell to tie the knot next week

Katy and Russell got engaged in India on New Year’s Eve last year. Since then, they have kept their wedding details a secret, till Katy’s friend Rihanna spilled the beans. Even though the duo has been suggesting places as far as Japan and the Arctic as the venue, a few days ago, Rihanna reportedly said that she’s excited about going to India. Reportedly, Lebanese designer Reem Acra has designed Katy’s bridal gown.
It has also been learnt that Mumbai-based designer duo Falguni

Rapper’s good deed could help image with judge

T.I.’s help in talking down a suicidal man from an Atlanta skyscraper may also help the rapper’s image as he faces the possibility of returning to federal prison after prosecutors say he violated his probation.
T.I. is scheduled to appear in court on Friday to explain to a federal judge why he should stay out of prison. If found guilty of violating his probation, T.I.’s attorneys say he should face at most between five and 11 months in prison.
He served a 10-month sentence

Cruise eyed for role in ‘Top Gun’

Paramount Pictures has made offers to producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott for a sequel to their 1986 feature ‘Top Gun’, with Christopher McQuarrie eyed to update the script. Tom Cruise is expected to make an appearance as Maverick, the report said.
David Ellison, the 27-year-old son of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, a trained aerobatic pilot, is a key driver of the project. He recently raised $350 million to finance films and struck a first-look deal with Paramount.

John sentenced to 15 days in jail

Bollywood actor John Abraham was sentenced to fifteen days’ simple imprisonment yesterday in a 2006 accident case, but was immediately released on bail of Rs1500 by a court here.
The Bandra Magistrate court also imposed a fine of Rs1500 on him. Abraham’s motorbike had skidded and knocked down two persons in suburban Khan on April 7, 2006.
He himself then took the injured persons – Shyam Kasbe and Tanmay Majhi – to the hospital. The duo was discharged later. The actor too