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Rise of the yuan

It was only natural for Beijing to partner with time-tested allies to float the yuan as a possible international reserve currency. But it’s not the smartest idea to posture towards pricing international

The gas bomb

With the new year, just days away the prediction of the soothsayers seems to be materialising now faster than ever. ‘2012, will mark the end of the world’. While the general perception

Trade not aid

Sri Lanka Expo 2011 comes at an opportune time for Pakistan, when donors and friends alike are raising disturbing questions regarding resource mobilisation. Unfortunately, Islamabad seems to have realised ambitious budget targets

Revenue mobilisation

Half way through the fiscal, it is clear that revenue mobilisation is a more political than economic/financial process. The world bank is right in noting the government’s restricted fiscal space with concern,

World Bank, donors and PSDP

The World Bank Group’s decision to support Pakistan’s poverty reduction and development agenda comes at a crucial time for Islamabad, where senior government officials have lately taken to talking up the economy

Alive to challenges?

Not admitting a problem makes it worse. So when government spokesmen claim being “alive to economic challenges”, one cannot be faulted for foregoing any expectations that ambitious budget projections might have triggered.


It does not reflect too well on relevant ministries that the prime minister – furious at ‘slow pace of utilisation’ of ADB financing facility – was reduced to advocating the common-sense approach

Economics of oil

Despite fundamental growth problems in the global economy, geopolitical tensions in the Persian Gulf seem set to trigger yet another round of nervous hikes in international oil prices. So far, oil above

Dr Sheikh and the tax net

While the finance minister’s revelation of netting 700,000 tax evaders during the ongoing fiscal is appreciated, we will need to see visible, on ground improvement to overcome our mistrust of just such

Railways collapse

A Rs25 billion subsidy and still Railways’ annual loss adds up to Rs45 billion. Everything about the current state of the enterprise – wrecked locomotives, appalling monitoring and oversight, unacceptable safety conditions,