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A History of Bigotry

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Bureaucracy in a nutcracker

Damned if it does, damned if I doesn’t Politicians coming to power have frequently used bureaucrats to bend and break the laws to fulfill their wishes. This has led to grave social consequences. Honest government officers

Pak-Turk relations

Similar problems bring both countries closer Turkey’s foreign minister was in town for an unconventionally long five-day visit meeting with the top officials in the PTI government, the military and even called

Eve daughters’ tragic fate

Pakistan’s laws on women scream for reform That plain speaking and persistent champion of social causes regarded as provocative by ‘polite society’ and usually conveniently swept under the carpet, Farhatullah Babar, has

Asif Mehmood

Sketches of a new LG system

Local councils show a vast pattern of dissimilarities around the world The prime minister constituted a committee a few days ago to present a new framework of local governance within a week that will subsequently

Imran Khan and ISI

Premier intel agency Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to gel very nicely with the brass. His eight hour reception at the GHQ some days ago – after which he dispelled all doubts