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Karachi press woes

Twin incidents against journalists cause protests Amid the continuing narrative of increased constraints being imposed upon local media by ‘guardians’, both governmental and ghostly, a couple of disturbing incidents last week in

Shah Nawaz Mohal

World of wounds

How to live, laugh, languish and die in scattered, simmering world of today Wounds are strange creatures. When they heal, they leave marks. When they don’t, they kill. Either way, they remain.

Words for the wise

A clear, well worded narrative is a powerful thing “Language is a weapon of politicians, but language is a weapon in much of human affairs.” – Noam Chomsky The government is on

Uzair Khan

South Punjab

A case of swing state Conventionally, it is deemed that Ohio elects the president of the United States. History shows as goes Ohio so goes the US. Similarly, the southern region of

White Lies

The Rules of Business are clear: there can be only one Chief Minister. But that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of aspirants for éminence grise. Amongst the contenders for wanting to

The PM’s remarks

Divorced from reality? Nobody can argue with the merits of a comprehensive poverty alleviation program, especially if the Chinese model can be duplicated and millions of people’s lives can be impacted for

Moscow’s Great Game

What Afghans want The Russians mediating to put an end to a long American misadventure in Afghanistan would have elicited a chuckle from the most serious quarters had it not been for

NAB’s examination score

A-Grade for character assassination, F for collecting evidence   Keeping in view the performance of NAB and FIA one is forced to conclude that the accountability bodies in this country are partial,

TLP’s growing prominence

A serious issue that cannot be buried After the landmark judgment acquitting Aasia Bibi of all charges TLP’s leaders Khadim Rizvi and Pir Afzal Qadri made some unprecedented statements inciting violence by

Arif Nizami

Kowtowing to Extremism

The easy way out Instead of catching the bull by the horns the PTI led government has buckled under the collective might of religious zealots and extremists. The political opposition the go-to