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Obscene by which ‘yar’dstick?

There is an obscene advertisement being aired on the TV channels these days. It shows a girl raising her hand in a crowd to greet a boy at a distance while there is a sound in the back “yar mila”. This denotes a girl calling a boy as her “yar”, which is a derogatory idea in our Islamic culture. The ad is tantamount to encouraging girls to make “yars” through mobile phones. It seems these companies are trying to entice young girls to the ways that Islam has prohibited.
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Winter and flood affectees

It is a shame the present government has done nothing substantial in helping the flood affected people. Most of them are still without any shelter and food supplies. They need to have basic provisions as soon as possible in order to sail through the winter. As the winters in Pakistan are harsh and dry, there could be the danger of contagious disease or even an epidemic could start due to the overall unhygienic conditions in the affected areas. The government and other donor agencies,

Respect The Elderly

It is the habit of every modern society to discard old and used items. The application of the same rule in the case of elderly people is embarrassing and too shameful. They are humans like us and have more value as they have played their part in building a better society and guiding the youth. The government should focus on providing proper facilities to these persons in the public places. If necessary, it should go for proper legislation in this regard.

NATO apology

NATO tendered apologies to the Pakistan government on the recent casualties caused by its helicopters inside Pakistan’s territory. The question is: ‘will this apology be enough to deter them from such an act in the future’. They must not only apologise but also take full responsibility of the action and assure our government that nothing of this sort will happen again. Only this can help minimize the damage caused by this incident.

Prison as ornament

The Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has stated that prison is an ornament of politicians. This statement can have dangerous repercussions. Generally, the prisoners are criminals of all sorts. Attributing a good thing, like an ornament, to prison might send negative signals. The criminals might consider prison as a sort of distinction rather than a place of perdition. Moreover, ornaments are mostly worn by women and politicians cannot be included in that category only.

CSS age limit

CSS students are constantly pleading with the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan and other authorities to raise the age limit of CSS students from 28 years to 30 years, its previous status in pre-Musharraf era. They have time and again reminded the rulers of their earnest pledges of wiping out every remnant of Musharraf regime and restore democracy in its true letter and spirit. But the rulers, in the case of age limit of CSS students have not respected their promises yet.

Conspiracy theories

Something doesn’t happen in Pakistan before the conspiracy theories start sprouting everywhere. This is with reference to many people calling the current lawyer shenanigans a conspiracy by certain people to create a rift between the bar and the bench. Why can’t we understand that everything is not somebody else’s ploy to create problems. People act of their own accord most of the times and their actions should not be used to defame others.
The lawyers have

Musharraf’s popularity

After seeing the popularity of Gen Pervez Musharraf during his address in UK, all the political parties in Pakistan are flabbergasted. It is an eye opener for all the critics of Musharraf. He even managed to collect a huge amount of money for flood relief efforts in little time. The PML-N leaders are feeling bitter about the salvo of Musharraf’s language but they have forgotten their own language that they have been using against Musharraf for the last three years.
The paid

FO recruitments

The recent news item in the national press about the recruitments in the Foreign Office (FO) of the lower staff without regard of the merit is quite disturbing. If the democratic government keeps crossing the boundaries, it could be the start of decline in moral standards of society and government, the consequences of which would have to be borne by the entire nation.

The neutering of NAB

The self-preservation tendencies of corruption are reaching new heights. They are finding legal ways to shelter their illegal ones. This Amendment Ordinance has seriously curtailed the independence and power ambit of NAB effectively turning it into a toothless tiger. The security charge of NAB judges is no longer in the hands of NAB, neither is the power of transferring cases from one court to the other. The fact that the powers of NAB have been reduced drastically without any need or

Hockey team in Commonwealth games

Though it is the national sports of our country, hockey is not given proper patronage and support, both financially and morally. The government has forsaken this game of great attraction. Pakistan has won the first match in the Commonwealth Games in India but they are not being lauded as vehemently as the cricket team. This type of step-motherly treatment must be ended at once if we want our country to produce great players like Shehbaz Ahmad, Salah-ud-Din, etc.

Flood Tax Unjustified

The proposed one-time flood tax is another example of how skewed the government’s approach is towards when it comes to the generation of revenue. Rather than focusing on broadening the tax base, it is burdening the already heavily taxed segment of our society. This will only create ill will for the government and will lead to the alienation of already disillusioned masses of the country. Helping the flood affected people is a good cause, but there is no justification in making the law