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Knife attacker

These days are passing us with great fear because there is a knife attacker who is targeting girls. Fear and panic prevailed among the residents of the area as police authorities fail

Sector specific

As reported in the dailies, LCCI president has correctly diagnosed the ills that beset the economy i.e. dwindling exports, reducing foreign exchange reserves, high cost of doing business, low tax-to-GDA ratio, stagnant


“Mama!” he exclaimed. How they had inflicted such catastrophe upon them, he knew not. Agitated. He didn’t feel the same after that. Astounded. Amazed. Wounded. Words couldn’t really explain the tears that

Quite befitting responses

It is quite commendable to note that Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Dr Maleeha Lodhi has quite successfully and forcefully picked up the threat from where Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan

Two bills two tariffs

Irrespective of ever-increasing power tariff loaded with heavy taxes and surcharges, the billing of LESCO leaves much to be desired in all fairness. I have before me two bills of domestic consumers

Turbat and NADRA

Turbat is one the biggest cities of Balochistan but it is a pity that it lacks many facilities, including multiple NADRA offices. Moreover, from different areas such as Dasht, Tump, Nasirabad and

Regarding pension

I would like to draw your attention towards the maltreatment with the retired employees by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the PIA board of directors, PIA management, and by the federal government. The