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Hajj controversy

With the Corona outbreak, this news is in the air that the government of KSA is mulling over cancellation of Hajj Pilgrimage. Many people are taking it as a sign of the

Robotic life

We are proceeding through the time where we are experiencing lethargy, exaggeration, damage routines and some are entangled in the predicament comprising terror, stress & panic attacks. No one is interested to

Dearth of PPEs

COVID19 is very dangerous for everyone in this world and doctors play an important role to defeat COVID19 but in Balochistan province doctors are being sent to jail during this pandemic. Recently,

Sudden lockdown problem

The sudden shutdown of businesses has upended the lives of millions of migrant laborers in Pakistani cities. More than a dozen migrants have died, and anger is rising. The nature of the

Precautionary measures

On January 30th 2020 the World Health Organization declared the Chines outbreak of Covid19 a public health emergency of global concern and also termed it an incurable virus. According to a research

Corona’s ferocity 

COVID-19 is one of the curses. The skirmish of the virus is disseminating exponentially day by day. Nowadays, it is the most vulnerable subject that people are discussing repeatedly. The scorching virus

Billing in Corona time

As we all know the critical condition of Pakistan due to Corona Virus Government of Pakistan lockdown the country and due to this inflation rate as it’s peak. Wealthy people donates Rashan


Hantavirus is another virus which is spreading very rapidly and its again because of rats . Hantavirus is named for the Hantan River area in South Korea where an early outbreak was

Outcomes of online classes

HEC needs to understand  that covid-19 is a natural disaster. In this pathetic situation the arrangement of online classes is really unfair with students because it is difficult for students to understand

Deadly blessing?

The coronavirus pandemic gives credence to Thomas Malthus. (Thomas Robert Malthus wrote a paper in 1798 titled Principle of Population . He believed that natural forces would correct the imbalance between food