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The Kashmir dispute

I am 95 years old. I witnessed the freedom movement against the British Empire. I had the opportunity to attend a few rallies by our beloved Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I remember

Pak-Iran relations

The relationship between Iran and Pakistan are too best. They have long lasting relations in their religion, traditions, culture, marriage and so on. They always helped one and another at the time

Haris Rauf rocks

Australian dangerous batsman and the Melbourne stars’ captain Glenn Maxwell praised and Admired his young team mate Haris Rauf for his hat-trick in the Big Bash League (BBL).Haris Rauf took a hat-trick

Gas troubles

This calls for the attention of the concerned authorities that there is noticeable shortage in the provision of Gas in the winter season in homes particularly in the morning time, making the

Need for proactive diplomacy

Sir, the failure by our government to proactively launch a diplomatic offensive and and expose Indian designs to annex IOK, even after the decision by Modi’s government to isolate valley from media,

Boots on table

We have heard about boots on ground, or Nancy Sinatra’s song “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, but it is perhaps for first time, courtesy ingenuity of this government’s federal minister that

Some observations

Sir, it has been observed that when the former ruling parties PPP alias Zardari Party and PML(N), which have been brokered and brought together by the Maulana who is obviously quite hurt

IHK’s militarisation

India has shrugged off US president’s repeated mediation offers, though without chanting the ‘atoot ang’ mantra (sacred words or sounds repeated). Simultaneously, she rushed ten thousand additional troops to IHK to meet