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A distant sound of war drums

JeM puts Pakistan on the defensive The world powers failed to dissuade India from practicing state terrorism against Kashmiri freedom fighters. It is understandable on the part of a short-sighted young man who suffered humiliation at the

Long road to Afghan peace

And Pakistan’s crucial role It’s still not clear whether it was just a gambit on Pakistan’s part, to invite Afghan Taliban and the Americans for talks in Islamabad, or some planning and

Parliament and PTI 

Infantile politics is rendering parliament dysfunctional A number of parliamentarians belonging to the PTI and its allies continue to act like a bull in the China shop, taking recourse to un-parliamentary language,

Talk to PTM

Right thing to do The KP government’s formation of an advisory committee to address ‘all social, political, administrative and development issues’ faced by tribal areas is welcome, especially since it has also

The agreement with IMF

PTI’s hush-hush deal What the opposition had been claiming  about the PTI  having already reached a secret deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has turned out to be true. Finance Minister

‘No NRO’!

And then what? As much as attempts to rid the entire country of the last traces of corruption are appreciated, it is now clear that the prime minister’s favourite “no NRO” mantra

The Asghar Khan case

All that is wrong Nothing better than the Asghar Khan case to highlight all that is wrong with practically all crucial state institutions of Pakistan. Remember this case hit the headlines once

Depoliticising bureaucracy

Can Imran Khan start the exercise from Punjab? One would readily agree with Imran Khan that the confidence of the civil servants has been badly shattered and the country needs a de-politicized

Unjustified detentions

History may repeat itself Following the death of PTM’s senior member Arman Loni under mysterious circumstances at a sit-in in Loralai protests against the alleged murder are being restricted as PTM members

Promises and ground realities

 PTI’s dilemma By the time the 2018 elections arrived it was clear to anyone who could access ww.sbp.org.pk/ that the country’s forex reserves were fast shrinking  to below the danger point. Intelligent

Harley Street or nothing?

Nawaz Sharif’s risky choice The former prime minister has decided, or perhaps the decision was made for him by an influential family member, of going back from Services Hospital to the Lahore

The curious ways of NAB

And the concerns they generate The way NAB arrested Aleem Khan has once again led people to ask  if the accountability  body is balancing its enquiries to neutralise the pressure from political