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A commendable decision

Imran Khan has to stay the course now It was courageous on the part of Imran Khan to order an unprecedented countywide crackdown on electricity theft. One would agree with the prime

A House divided

Punjab Assembly sessions within, protests outside The major political parties are at their reckless, unprofitable game again, threatening and bad-mouthing each other, warning of street agitation, hinting at no-confidence motions, with government

The signal from Zardari

Are PTI and PML-N getting closer? It is becoming abundantly clear  that the PTI had done  little homework  before forming the government. The party therefore failed to hit the ground running that

The Afghan situation

Complete strategic failure Time has come for Washington, finally, to accept reality in Afghanistan. The gift of democracy, so people could decide their own fate even in such a war ravaged country,

To complete its tenure

PTI needs to avoid self-inflicted wounds Irrespective of its views about the successive governments, this paper has consistently supported their right to complete a five-year tenure. That each one of the last

Voting under terror

Despite bloodshed, Afghan election still stirs popular enthusiasm The ‘national unity government’ in Kabul, though really neither national, united or a government beyond the capital confines, still deserves to be lauded for

PML-N’s choices

Irrational expectations? Good that Shahbaz Sharif put to rest any lingering doubts about some distance between the Sharif brothers. Disqualified or not – especially since the Panama case has raised fresh controversy

Border tensions

Pak-Iran relations Militants holed up on the Pakistani side of the long 900km border with Iran killing and/or kidnapping Iranian border guards is hardly a new phenomenon. It has happened many times.

A dog in the manger policy

Reluctant to invest in the region, US opposes CPEC Realising the gravity of the financial crunch Pakistan is currently facing China has endorsed its decision to seek IMF support. Beijing has however

Spouse’s shock

Alleged wretched conditions of Shahbaz Sharif’s cell Sometimes the country’s chief accountability agency seemingly exhibits a marked lack of tact, correctness or basic decency, as in the case of accused senior professors,

The defeat of populism

A too early assertion of the incumbency factor Unrealistic promises made before the elections would haunt the PTI throughout its tenure. When the voters find the government moving into an altogether different