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Making Karachi graceful again

Sindh government faces gruelling task The two member Supreme Court bench hearing the case of Karachi’s illegal constructions on January 22 ordered relevant provincial authorities to demolish all unlawful buildings that have

Pak-China strain

Protect the alliance Chinese government officials are usually very conservative about their communications, even by diplomatic standards. That is why concerns raised by their ambassador in Pakistan, Yao Jing, about ‘propaganda being

About the budget

Very populist, indeed! Considering this was Asad Omer’s second budget in a few months, he could have reminded everybody a little less about the last government’s economic track record, and the opposition

The license to kill

Who will rein in lawless law- enforcers? The tragic killings of a mother and father in front of their children by the CTD personnel was the latest barbaric act by those who

After the Qatar visit

Opportunities and challenges in 2019 In October  came the Saudi aid package, $6 billion divided into a  $3 billion deposit directly with SBP  as balance of payments support,  and another$3 billion  through deferred payment on oil imports

Hub of death

Another horrific accident on Karachi-Lasbela-Quetta road Monday’s tragic collision between a passenger bus and most probably a truck (or both vehicles) carrying smuggled Iranian oil, which has so far claimed at least

Khalilzad stayed back for nothing

Taliban said no Now that the Taliban have effectively, and finally, taken the wind out of this peace process’s sails, perhaps everybody can understand just how unrealistic their expectations have been. Afghanistan’s

The fourth pillar of state under fire

Media persons report but they can’t beautify The media currently faces a number of serious challenges. These include a financial crunch caused by the shrinking   advert revenues  from the government as well as commercial  sources.

Unhappiness with PTI

It’s not just the opposition Signs of strain with the PML-Q alliance in Punjab first appeared at the time of the leaked video which showed Ch Pervez Elahi and Co complaining to

Repairing the breach

Warring PTI and opposition concur on Standing Committees There is, after all, a sliver of a silver lining on the dark clouds enveloping the country’s parliamentary environment since the July 25 general

Exit CJ Saqib Nisar

An eventful stint No doubt outgoing Chief Justice Saqib Nisar will be remembered, along with former CJ Iftikhar Ch, as one of the more controversial chiefs to grace the judiciary. And that,

A flurry of hectic activity

Afghan peace settlement efforts at zenith The concerted and intense diplomatic moves, especially in the last couple of months, for ending the 17-year long Afghan cauldron are unique, unprecedented and hopefully in