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Afghan peace talks

‘All the right people’ There is, most certainly, visible progress in the ongoing Afghan peace talks. And with the presence of Mullah Baradar on the Taliban side and senior military personnel figuring

The fifth round of talks

All’s well that ends well The success of the last round of Doha talks generated hopes that the ongoing parleys that started on Monday would lead to major steps towards Afghan peace.

PTV trapped in the middle

Bitter public rift among ruling party high-ups The ideological divide within PTI, between the old guard who struggled for two decades before attaining power, and ‘electables’ who jumped on the PTI bandwagon

Breaking the ice

Back door diplomacy News that PTI MNA Ramesh Kumar, already on a religious pilgrimage to India, has been made to indulge in a healthy bit of backdoor diplomacy is welcome, and might

FATF concerns

Not out of the woods yet Surely the government does not need any reminding that a black listing at the FATF will deliver the kiss of death to its dreams of economic

NAB’s losing streak

Being reduced to a political tool With a second bail approved in tandem with severe criticism by a high court of NAB’s investigation tactics, questionable findings and general approach to enquiries the

Acting at eleventh hour

Welcoming takeover of JeM seminary Some of the points raised by the National Security Committee (NSC) had already been taken up by PM in his  policy statement on  Pulwama attack. The NSC

An attempt to initiate long delayed reforms It was rightly remarked on Thursday’s launching ceremony attended by Punjab chief minister that education was ignored during the past seven decades, and indeed the

A baffling style of accountability

Punishing the corrupt or maligning  the political class? The National Assembly sitting on Thursday was adjourned after opposition members protesting the arrest of Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani raised a ruckus

State of economy

Still fiscally insecure Wasn’t it the State Bank governor who said just the other day that the country had come out of the economic crisis it had been facing since before the

Choices for Modi

A vengeful politician or a wise statesman The Pulwama terrorist attack has posed a new  challenge  to  Modi’s election prospects. Days after the attack he had announced that the time for talks