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Snubbing the foreign donors

Government and bureaucratic apathy leave loans unutilised With the country’s macroeconomic situation deteriorating sharply due to decades of neglect, a near-default situation was recently narrowly averted only by some friendly countries chipping

Pak-India thaw

And the day after Reports of Pakistani and Indian ambassadors resuming their duties in each other’s countries are definitely far more welcome than headlines about bombs dropping and planes crashing. A thaw,

RIP Afzal Kohistani

Who’s responsible? What does it say about the state that seven years after highlighting one of the country’s most notorious cases of honour killings, Afzal Kohistani was gunned down in a crowded

First Chohan then Vawda

Unforced errors The rapid spread of foot-in-mouth disease, so to speak, in the senior echelons of PTI gives rise to a couple of important questions. One, whatever possessed these gentlemen, Fayyaz Chohan

Bigoted, offensive assertion

Fayyaz Chohan’s inexcusable remarks Judging from the outraged reaction to the former Punjab minister for information and culture (but not enlightenment) Fayyazul Hassan Chohan’s derogatory remarks against a religious community, his furious

Pakistan and India

What now? Clearly any hopes that Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandhan’s quick and decent repatriation would trigger a thaw were misplaced. The other side, especially its media, has become even more

IMF program after all

Getting worse before getting better There seems more than a grain of truth in news circulating about the government finally signing a bailout program with the IMF. Hopefully they will not deny