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Elections 2018

Once again, the ROs During 2013 elections the Returning Officers asked all sorts of irrelevant and funny questions to gauge the depth of the candidates’ religious knowledge, using Article 62 as an

Afghan endgame

Peace on the horizon? First recognised Afghan government-Taliban face-to-face talks in 17 years and the good will surrounding the Eid ceasefire are all unprecedented and appreciated steps forward, yet it is still

Trilateral approach

A new way to resolve Pak-India disputes The Chinese envoy to New Delhi has launched the idea of a trilateral mechanism comprising China, India and Pakistan for security cooperation on the sidelines

Hot friendship frozen

End of Nisar-Nawaz enigmatic relationship? The PML-N stalwart and party founder-member, Chaudhry Nisar, has over the past year made oblique comments about the party leader and his policies, and remained seemingly poised

Angry weather gods

Sub-continental smog demands regional teamwork What single, apparently natural but actually man-made phenomenon, is a major risk in the following human ailments: heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, acute

The ten-million-rupee question

Imran and his principles Imran Khan is fast turning out to be the typical one-step-forward-two-steps-back poster child of Pakistani politics. For one who never tires of extolling the virtues of parliamentary democracy

The Musharraf affair

Long arm of the law? With the clock ticking on SC’s Thursday 2pm deadline for Gen Musharraf’s appearance, it is still unclear if taking the court’s word at face value – that

Singapore’s strange summit

Tough equation: security guarantees vs total de-nuclearization At last, they met. After months of threats and counter threats, taunts, fiery rhetoric of ‘bigger buttons’ ‘begging for war’, and unleashing annihilating nuclear war,