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Financial Year 2017

No sound strategy in place At a whopping $12.1 billion Pakistan’s current account deficit is now double what it was last fiscal year which translates into 4% of GDP. Although an increase

Toying and tinkering with police

Punjab and Sindh’s mischief regarding top appointments   The PML-N dominated Punjab and PPP – ruled Sindh governments have, it seems, another dubious common denominator besides rampant corruption – indeed the two

Securing the western border

New ground offensive to deny IS space and safe havens Operation Khyber 4 initiated on Sunday is another sign, if indeed one was still needed, of the serious intent and commitment of Pakistan Army

The countdown begins

The sooner it finishes the better In April this year Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif narrowly escaped disqualification after the apex court ruled there was insufficient evidence to remove him — by a

Quetta attacks

Far too many!   Despite the many successes of the anti-terror operation, Quetta continues to struggle. And though it’s much better than the really dark days of not too long ago –

Back to the SC

And the media trial   Those hoping that resumption of Panamagate proceedings at the Supreme Court will help tone down the incessant media circus are likely to be disappointed – unless, of

Shedding stubbornness   

Benefits of Kashmir talks outweigh everything else    Kashmir’s worsening situation has recently attracted growing attention from a worried world, alarmed at the increasing frequency and casualties of cross-border clashes along the

The flame out Nawaz Sharif

And the senseless call for early polls   On Thursday the federal cabinet reposed trust in Nawaz Sharif. On Friday the parliamentary party resolved to put its weight behind its leader. Meanwhile chiefs of allied

Selective Accountability

What of all those holy cows? Terming the Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report as based on mere “assumptions and accusations”, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has refused to step down. All Opposition

Killer Monsoon

 A recurring crisis   The monsoon season this year has been relatively lenient given the low frequency and intensity of showers across the country. But the inevitability of deaths during our rain