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PM’s Davos claim

Great expectations PM Abbasi’s forthcoming ‘pitch’ at the World Economic Forum to ‘invest in Pakistan’ has made good headlines but whether or not it survives the ‘test of the pudding’, of course,

Munnu Bhai

A rarity that will be missed This week Pakistan lost not only a valuable asset to the field of journalism but an exceptional human being who through his vast and exemplary body

Imran Khan on Parliament

The House needs to be improved rather than abused Imran Khan cursed the Parliament. His statement was rightly condemned not only the National Assembly but also by many who consider democracy the

Degrees of shame

Axact ‘diploma mill’ case resurfaces with a bang Those who believed the self-proclaimed ‘world’s largest IT company’s’ mind-boggling fake degrees selling business was over and done with, and the shady firm a

Lahore rally

In my beginning is my end Keeping in view the chemistry of what was presented as a tri-partite alliance, its first show of power was bound to end in fiasco. Tahirul Qadri,

The FDI time bomb

It’s the economy, again The State Bank’s latest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) figures for the first half of the current fiscal– down 2.8pc year-on-year despite Chinese inflows increasing 2.4 times – means

The PML-N under siege

The battle for Islamabad begins in earnest Six months before elections 2018 the PML-N government is under joint attack from the PTI, PPP, PAT, Brelvi clerics and so called spiritual leaders. The

A test of nerves for the PML-N

PML-Q government in Balochistan, specter of Hudaibiya case and street protests The parliamentary coup in Balochistan brought PM Abbasi to Jati Umra to confer with party leaders over the emerging challenges. The

Lessons from the Kasur case

State of the police service The terrible Kasur child rape-murder case is, unfortunately, just another reminder that society at large in this Islamic Republic is condemned to a ringside seat as the

Another setback for the PML-N

Will the new CM advise dissolution of the Assembly? The PML-N had to suffer one humiliation after another in Balochistan. First, its MPAs rebelled  against their own Chief Minister and decided to bring