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Living in la-la land

PM must wake up and smell the coffee PTI leaders claim that the party has successfully aborted the ‘conspiracies’ against its governments in KP and Punjab and will not be pressurized by

Unconstitutional wing-clipping

The office of the AGP must remain autonomous While in the opposition Prime Minister Imran Khan wasted no opportunity to accuse the PML(N) and PPP of bullying state institutions into submission to

The rebellion in Punjab

Imran Khan’s dilemma  The PTI’s dissenters have rejected PM Imran Khan’s formula of ruling Punjab through bureaucracy. There is little likelihood of the rebellious lawmakers cooling down as a result of Imran Khan’s direction that the Chief Secretary

Conducting LG polls

Legal problems and concerns of allies need to be addressed first PM Imran Khan has directed Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar to hold Local Government (LG) polls as soon as possible, at

Freedom of Expression

Two PM’s Special Assistants hold forth PM’s Accountability Special Assistant Shahzad Akbar has said that freedom of expression cannot be restricted in this day and age. Actually, he was right when he

The Wuhan epidemic

Pakistan needs to be careful The coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan has not yet been declared a worldwide epidemic, but Pakistan needs to take the issue much more seriously than it has so

PM needs a reality check

The PTI on way to unraveling Despite being in power for 17 months, Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to regurgitate his opposition-era slogans. His latest remark concerning the corruption tumor needing surgery

Shaking off a bad reputation

The new chief election commissioner faces a myriad of challenges After months of deadlock between the government and opposition over the appointment of a new chief election commissioner (CEC), finally there has

Now that the shoe is on the other foot

Transparency International versus PTI There are around half a dozen speeches by PM Imran Khan supporting Transparency International’s successive reports and maintaining that these were enough to substantiate his allegations of corruption

Bangladesh tour begins

Apart from cricket, other matters demand attention from both countries The tour by the Bangladesh team is welcome because it is taking place. It might well be another step on the path

On a wing and a prayer

Promise of economic revival in 2020 While delivering a speech at Davos Prime Minister Imran Khan maintained that his government had achieved an upward trajectory of the stock market, stabilisation of the

Zindagi Tamasha

Who decides whether a film can be shown? The Punjab and Sindh governments have decided that the film Zindagi Tamasha cannot be released, even though their Censor Boards had cleared the film.

Wheat shortage

Who has made a killing? Whoever is responsible for the wheat shortage, is responsible for a lot of misery. The jump in the price of the nation’s principle staple has not led

Ending a deadlock

Has PM finally come down his high horse? After trying all other options, the PTI leadership seems to have finally concluded that consensus is the only way for parliamentary legislation. Last year

Seeking Uncle Sam’s help

Big difference between US promises and delivery US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Alice Wells is in Pakistan on a four-day visit to discuss bilateral ties. So far, much of