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Exit CJ Saqib Nisar

An eventful stint No doubt outgoing Chief Justice Saqib Nisar will be remembered, along with former CJ Iftikhar Ch, as one of the more controversial chiefs to grace the judiciary. And that,

A flurry of hectic activity

Afghan peace settlement efforts at zenith The concerted and intense diplomatic moves, especially in the last couple of months, for ending the 17-year long Afghan cauldron are unique, unprecedented and hopefully in

The plot thickens

A small but significant step for former premier The confusing, long-drawn Sharif family corruption saga has taken yet another twist, this time for the better for the erstwhile three-time prime minister. In

Budget expectations

Pro-people, Mr Finance Minister? Finance Minister Asad Omer will try, no doubt, but even his best efforts will struggle to put a positive spin on the mini-budget due for the 23rd. Even

Who’s asking for NRO?

Some attention to parliament, please Once again the government is talking about somebody begging for another NRO. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary this time enlightened the media about how the government is under

Towards a new NFC award

Stashing provincial shares without amending Constitution The army has either taken out the terrorists or made them flee. But it is yet to complete the costly fencing of the Durand Line. What’s more it

Vengeful politics

And its consequences It is not surprising that the political temperature is at its peak within five months of PTI’s government considering that their entire election campaign revolved around slogans of rounding

About military courts

And that sunset clause Everybody agreed to military courts after the Peshawar school tragedy because of very serious, yet straight forward reasons. One, there was an urgent need for the perpetrators to

Wanted urgently: A JM Keynes!

Pak economy tossed about in stormy waters If the last two federal governments were characterised by gross maladministration and misplaced priorities, the current PTI dispensation is best exemplified by its agonising indecision

Fake accounts case

It is  for the court, not the government, to determine criminality The charges that have been leveled against former President Asif Zardari and his financial partners are highly serious.  Zardari maintains that

Winter of defeat and discontent

Pakistan cricket emulating its hockey and squash decline Though it has fortunately not reached rock bottom despite the best efforts of vastly overpaid but clueless, infighting administrators and collapse-prone players, Pakistan cricket