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The need for flexibility

A stubborn government facing a stubborn opposition The second wave of coronavirus inside the country and in countries who are Pakistan’ major export markets is having a toll on the national economy.

PSM layoffs

A public sector disaster that remains a burden on exchequer Efforts made, or lack thereof, to turn around the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) by practically any of the past civilian and military

Karachi Transformation Plan

There is need to consult all stakeholders The Karachi Transformation Plan, worth Rs 1.1 trillion, was initially announced when Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the rain-affected city in September. Mr Khan has

Anti-rape law

Failure to address real issues The Cabinet committee on legislative cases approved the Anti-Rape (investigation and Trial) Ordinance 2020, but the legislation left those issues unaddressed which may defeat the purpose of

A fight to the finish?

The level of hostility is fearsome With the opposition preparing for rallies in Multan and Lahore, Prime Minister Imran Khan accompanied by the Punjab Chief Minister and others called upon PML(Q) chief

Chained and muzzled

Media under the PTI Prime Minister Imran Khan‘s campaign as an opposition leader was widely reported by the media. It would be no exaggeration to claim that media played an important role

Eyewash on rape

Trying to look good without substance The federal cabinet’s approval of an ordinance allowing rape to be punished by hanging, or chemical castration, shows not just a kneejerk reaction to a number

SBP’s stable outlook

Covid-19 still poses downside risks Although inflation has remained on the higher side, the State Bank Of Pakistan (SBP) has kept the key policy rate unchanged at 7 percent with the expectation

PDM’s last two rallies

Peace needs to be maintained as before Hypocrisy continues to be the hallmark of the PTI when it comes to condemning opposition’s rallies. PM Imran Khan, who is expected to act more

Closing schools again

A costly but necessary decision It was all but inevitable that the government would have to shut down schools across the country yet again amid the rising positivity rate of the second

Broadening the tax base

The IMF’s attention is again on the FBR The failure of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to meet the revenue collection targets set for it have caused the government to have

Covid-19 second wave

Government must look at all measures The government seemed to be treating the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to stop rallies by its political opponents, even though their

Peshawar rally

Govt and opposition should both display maturity The PTI government has accused the opposition alliance of hypocrisy and playing reckless politics with people’s safety because its components who criticised PM Imran Khan