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Standing with Manchester

ISIS scores big   ‘The Brits are the best’ according to a long standing tradition in the international security establishment. And they have done a rather good job of pre-empting serious threats

Pressures on Pakistan

The aftermath of Riyadh Talks During the last seven months US Ambassador David Hale called thrice on COAS Bajwa. During his two earlier visits the talks centred on regional peace and matters

Welcome fillip for PSX

EFG-Hermes to augment security brokerage and asset management   Since a Chinese consortium acquired 40 percent strategic stake in PSX with a winning bid of Rs.8.96 billion in December 2016, there is

Baffling dilemma

Controlling social media excesses against state institutions   All short tempered public debates of the Dawn Leaks were inevitably relegated to that final forum of controversies, the wild and wanton social media.

US-Arab-Islamic summit

Enough weapons to blow up Middle East   After holding meetings with the Saudi King and Gulf Sheikhs, President Trump has called for unity across the Muslim world in the fight against

Jacking up confrontation

When political risks increase, economic growth falls   The PTI leadership has become desperate. With elections going to take place in less than a year the party is unsure of the outcome.

How many is too many?

CPEC: The cost of human life will remain too great to bear   While the west has been less than jubilant about CPEC’s progress, one statement from the American security establishment does

Judge, jury, and executioner?

Information minister of state cautions media with national security baton   The unanimous adverse decision of the ICJ bench hearing the Kulbhushan Jadhav case suddenly awoke people here to yet another embarrassing

The ICJ verdict

The requirements of being a responsible UN member   The Modi government took a highly unusual decision to challenge in the ICJ the death sentence awarded by a military court in Pakistan to

The war against extremism

  And the need to take indiscriminate action   Every terrorist organisation is constantly trying to recruit young minds and preach to them their twisted and dangerous extremist ideology to ready the

PIA’s nosedive

Crashing     PIA’s latest downward spiral is alarming even by its own low standards. Latest headlines may have owed to individual, or group, excesses – pilot dozing off in business class

Spanner in the works?

JUI-F’s self-serving stance may derail FATA reforms   Just as it seemed that months of tedious deliberations on FATA’S merger with KP were about to bear fruit through introduction of two legislative bills