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Rabia Ahmed

Adopt a madrassah?

Good, although these ‘business enterprises’ will need to be monitored The PTI manifesto states as part of a promise to transform education that it will ‘map out and register all seminaries across

Saad Muhammad

Taking education seriously

Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates amongst the developing countries Iqra, the first word that marked the advent of the revelation of the holy-scripture for Muslims, The Quran, urges humans to

Hasan Aftab Saeed

The triple-divorce issue

Setting the record straight The Indian Lok Sabha on Thursday passed the so-called triple-talaq bill, making pronouncement of triple-talaq a criminal offence, cognizable and non-bailable with imprisonment and a fine. The bill

Omer Javed

Learning from Vietnam

Demographically it’s a lot like Pakistan The PM often advises the people to become the ‘shaheen’ (or eagle) of Iqbal (the national poet), occupying the heights in turn that human beings are

Rabia Ahmed

Like sending man to mars?

Pakistan’s record of resettling displaced persons has not been good NASA is preparing to send manned flights to Mars. The pilot of the first human flight to leave earth’s orbit in 1968,

Umair Sohail

Securing personal data

Present laws do not criminalise poor data protection practices that cause inappropriate data disclosures Every morning, most of us wake up to dozens of text messages from various known brands as well

Faraz Talat

A tribute to a civilian

You are important too  Thank you, dear civilian, for your service. I feel that this isn’t said enough. And consequently, despite our constant financial and sociopolitical struggles that keep the country afloat,