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A new threat to the region

The Indian public might get the wrong idea from the Rafale aircraft By: Zeeshan Javed “Overconfidence Precedes Carelessness”, the words of the famous Indonesian writer Toba Beta, seems to accurately depict the

M A Niazi

The roots of Sikhashahi

Are there lessons for the present in the past? AT PENPOINT Indeed, it is the period after Ranjeet Singh’s death, and the multiple struggles to succeed him, that the term Sikhashahi owes

M J Akbar

The passing of Pranab-da

He might have been the first Bengali PM of India A pandemic’s sense of pervasive death has diminished the funeral. Is that necessarily a loss? Funerals are so often crowded with people


What geography has to tell

The geography of Greece drives Turkish policy towards it By: Sojla Sahar Geography plays pivotal role in forming the strategies and policies of states for its defense and its foreign relations. It

Hasan Aftab Saeed

Dirilis: Ertugrul

Some good things about the show If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then explosions of jealousy are the most dishonest ways of paying tribute to somebody. Imran Khan’s decision to

Salman Munir

Fixing the system

One thing at a time When Prime Minister Imran Khan, two years in the office, states that some system does not let him work, should not we be worried? What is this

Sectarian divide

The sectarian divide has cost the Muslims dearly For the past 1400 years, the Muslim ummah has been divided over a number of issues. Some are fundamental, others trivial. Owing to these