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Ali Sukhanvar

The diseased doctor

Blatant US self-interest Why do the Americans need the so-called ‘Pakistani doctor’ Shakil Afridi? What is the reason behind such a strong American desire of ‘snatching’ away Dr Afridi from Pakistan? Some

PML-N’s election desperation

The ruling party was opportunistically manifesting liberal ideals two years ago After being cornered by the military establishment a couple of months ahead of the general elections, the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz

Hasan Aftab Saeed

Karl Marx

A user’s manual Many people have written on Karl Marx’s 200th birth anniversary (which happened to be yesterday), but most of those writings have been too leaned; that is, they assume a

Education row in KPK

Defacto nationalisation in the offing? Parents deplore exorbitant fees and schools protest regulatory actions, meanwhile the students wait and suffer. A series of chain reactions in this pattern has been engulfing the