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Maiza Hameed

The Maryam factor

Despite criticism, there is something to be said about the former First Daughter       Begum Kulsoom Nawaz’s illness could hardly have come at a worse time for PML-N. With the

Arif Nizami

Jihad and jhadists

A new narrative in the offing?   The real challenge that remains for Pakistan is to be seen to walking the talk. Slowly but surely jhadist groups (within Pakistan) are being asked

Fatima Batool

Identity crisis of a nation

Some direction, please!   We cannot change unless we discriminate facts from assumptions. The death of the Indonesian Qari while reciting Quran does not signify anything as many pious men have died

Waqas A Khan

Cruel MCAT and ECAT

Kicking the Eligible   The idea of making MCAT and ECAT the pre-requisite for the admissions in the medical colleges and universities is utterly useless and worthless when there are already FSc