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Omer Javed

Plutocracy and poverty in Pakistan

Political and economic elites have evolved an institutional incentive system Mental constructs matter. Path dependencies solidify such thinking patterns. Some kind of belief system exists in every society. People have drawn from

Faraz Talat

A world without superheroes

Encouraging a hyper-individualistic, neoliberal worldview I’ve never liked Superman, and I won’t get into arduous platitudes about this beloved comic character and our childhood memories of him. Marketed globally as a universal

Journey to Pakistan

Memories of the creation of a homeland In his spacious and tastefully decorated home at Karachi, Iqbal Jafar, retired from service with the government of Pakistan and column writing, views the developments

Khan’s A-Team

Merit must prevail To quote Kapil Dev, PM-designate Imran Khan’s past cricketing counterpart from across the border: “Irrespective of any political party, I am a supporter of good people who want to

Crude weaponry

‘Oil is always the answer’ Not that oil is ever not smack at the centre of global politics, but three recent developments serve as a crude reminder of the underground puppeteer’s clout.

Noor RK

It ain’t easy being green

Planting trees can’t be the end of the Green Growth Agenda The importance of clean energy, and the necessity of reducing a nation’s impact on the environment, is often lost on the

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Ruling Punjab

What is the job description of a chief minister? Moments away from taking oath in the parliament, Imran Khan remains befuddled regarding his choice for Punjab. The prime minister in waiting has