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M A Niazi

Lions under the throne?

At Penpoint How recent and past events shaped the debate around role of judges The Supreme Judicial Council has held a preliminary hearing in the references against Justice Qazi Faez Isa of


The economy can be fixed

A rich country that is being mismanaged By Maham Fatima Since its independence in 1947. Pakistsn hass been facing a financial crisis. The country’s political crisis at different times has been one

Shah Nawaz Mohal

True victims of the system

The system ‘Kaptaan’ and his ilk came to change has changed them  Budget blues, inflation skyrocketing, the number of perished promises piling up, all pervading disenchantment, and victorious ones behaving with wanton

Askari Raza Malik

Divine justice

An incoherent philosophy Most Pakistanis are Muslims by faith, spiritual by default. Superstition appears as spiritualism to the uninitiated. The conceptual uniqueness of unity in Islam however, remains untarnished. Most also ascribe

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The balancing victim

The Sibtain Khan case is more complicated than it seems NAB spent a considerably busy past couple of days. With the budget being unveiled, high profile arrests made by the accountability watchdog

Arif Nizami

It takes two to tango

Islamabad and New Delhi Bishkek the capital of Kirgizstan perhaps was another opportunity lost for initiating a thaw between the two adversarial neighbours of South Asia. Islamabad on more than one occasion