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Omer Javed

Rationalizing Prices

A price commission is needed from the government Finance Minister Asad Umar recently indicated that inflation and fiscal deficit were among the main economic issues being faced by the country. In two

When the Aurat marched

What turned the women abusive? The Aurat marched and created havoc. Men are seething with anger and women are preaching morals. Far from acknowledging the depth of issues addressed and questions asked,

Priority number one

Pakistan must stop sacrificing its own citizens For decades, everyone has heaped praised on Pakistan’s impeccable geostrategic location, especially our textbooks. And while it is true that we have acquired a plethora

Onwards and Upwards

Some positives emerged for Pakistan out of the recent crisis March 2019 witnessed a change in the dynamic of Pakistan-India ties. Some things were made blatantly clear: Pakistan was not the sitting

Faraz Talat

Proud to be Paindu

Why do we respect power and distrust ourselves? Perhaps my reliance on anecdotal evidence should not be unconditionally trusted, but has anyone else felt an unmistakable lack of love from the Pakistani

The Israel nexus

Israel is just part of a much wider game It’s a complicated multidimensional situation facing Pakistan with multiple possibilities, of which very few lead Pakistan out of the mess. So what is

Remshay Ahmed

Middle East hits back!

Leaving the quagmire needs understanding First they created them to defeat another imperialist nation. They applauded a freedom ideology, they came against bustling with their surplus domestically-produced ammunition and a pro-US-free-world, anti-Afghan-militancy

Kamil Ahmed

Indian Conundrum

Modi’s BJP is mere madness behind madness The far-right Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party draws inspiration for its security policy from Hindu scriptures, where Hindu gods are masculine and mostly armed, and ancient