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Arif Nizami

Rule by fiat

And opening many fronts In our present political milieu, rule by fiat is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception. The democratic project is a direct function of consensus building, conspicuously

Rabia Ahmed

Keep it down

Pakistan to must tackle climate change The world climate is becoming steadily warmer, because its growing population contributes to climate change and global warming. The population of the world is at present


Rumours from the Indian Navy

The next Indian false-flag operation may be at sea Muhammad Sohail Ahmed When the Indian reporters asked the Indian Navy Chief about what’s the new development with Pakistan on 26 August, he


Netflix and the-not-so chill

A slippery slope into overzealous censorship By Amna Khan In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, Shariat lawmakers have declared Netflix as un-Islamic, prompting one bank to quash payment services for Netflix subscribers.

M A Niazi

Methods of legislation

At Penpoint The GIDC mess here, and the UK’s dissolution woes, don’t show the parliamentary system at its best The problems of parliamentary democracy were to be seen both in Pakistan’s problem


Web of opportunities

Why the Web is World Wide By Muhammad Bilal Things have a way of popping up in your mind, like the universe creates stars from dust, so have long ideas been created