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Kuldip Nayar

Beijing-Delhi problems

China and India have seldom agreed on the actual border line This is a familiar exercise. China resents India’s rule over Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi, on the other hand, ignores the protests

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Republic of Narcotics-tan

Documenting the horrible abyss of getting high You see them. You see them on the roads, moving around in tattered clothes and unwashed faces. You see them in the markets asking desperately

Yousaf Nizami

Letting extremists run amuck

Busy tending to the master’s graft cases There is a growing demographic of angry, extremist, narrow-minded men desperately looking for an outlet to vent frustrations over how their perceived sanctity of religion


Ajit Doval’s anti-Pakistan agenda

By SM Hali Modi and his henchman would play politics rather than save lives India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, a self-confessed terrorist and rabid Pakistan and Muslim baiter, has launched a