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Arif Nizami

Who is cursed?

The parliament or the politicians? Now it is the turn of the parliament for the PTI’s (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) ire. Taking a cue from their leader Imran Khan’s fiery speech at the maverick

Umair Jamal

Hash-tags of justice

You can’t solve an issue that society is unwilling to have an open debate over because it is considered “taboo” The case of Zainab Ansari’s unfortunate death and the state’s apathetic response

Humayun Gauhar

Fire and Fury

Trump gets his knickers twisted in a tweet Old hat, but we should never forget that President Trump greeted Pakistan with a New Year’s tweet that even though America had ‘foolishly’ ‘given’

Saad Awan

Penniless lenders-II

From the dark vaults of history “They are living beyond their means and are shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy, to some extent they are

India-Israel alliance

Implications for Pakistan Should Pakistan have any concerns about the deepening ties between India and Israel? Ordinarily, a third country should have no concern about relations between other countries. But India-Israel ties

PIA privatisation is a no-brainer

Emirates and Etihad are still interested in buying The news of Pakistan International Airlines’ privatisation has been making the rounds as the minister for privatisation, Daniyal Aziz, vowed that the government is