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Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

Rohingya Genocide  

Another crime against humanity is taking place. Rohingya, an ethnic Muslim minority, mostly habited for centuries in the Rahkine State of Myanmar (formerly Burma) faces systematic prosecution at the hands of country’s

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Another Masih down

Fanaticism and fundamentalism are two co-related personas which, unfortunately, govern the rudimentary ethics of Pakistan. Ever since General Zia graced us with his presence, our beloved nation has lost itself in a

Muhammad Ali Baig

The Trump doctrine

Is there such a thing?     On 21 July 2017, Foreign Policy magazine published an article by the title ‘There is No Trump Doctrine, and There Will Never Be One’. It might be

Ali Sukhanvar

It is not Muslim genocide

A crime against humanity     They are slaughtering humanity, not just human beings, in Burma. Though the international media is blaming only Buddhist extremists for the Rohingya genocide in Burma, fact

Waqas A Khan

America, a selfish friend

Pakistan’s perspective     As the 16th anniversary of 9\11 neared, President Donald Trump had to revise his policy towards Afghanistan. It was surprisingly more about Pakistan and less about Afghanistan as

Fatima Batool

Mind Your Business

Modern wars are not holy wars     Among the many bad habits that Pakistanis have negligently cherished all these years, the most irritating is poking nose in others’ affairs. The meaninglessness

Shah Nawaz Mohal

We, the cowards

  And how we’ve been accustomed to many things     No matter how rational, reasonable and right a decision may seem at the time of making it, later on hindsight ruins