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Dr Babar Khan

Migration and remittance

An adaptive strategy to cope with climate change    Climate change has emerged as a complex global challenge. Experts predict that it will affect ecosystems, communities, economies and individuals on a grand

Mind your language

Fighting climate change faces a barrier we’re not paying attention to   Pakistan regularly features on the list of the top ten most vulnerable countries in the world to the impacts of

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

On Sadiq aur Ameen

Legal analysis of Panama Verdict   I gathered the courage to read the voluminous Panama verdict to learn the details of one of the most historic judgements. Before I comment on the specifics of the judgment we have

Rabia Ahmed

A maelstrom of gobbledegook

A circus of religious terminology and manipulation Sadiq (the truthful) and Ameen (the trustworthy) were the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s attributes, because he was eminently truthful and trustworthy. They became some of the

Dr Farid A Malik

Seeking Justice

    My late father was a habitual litigant. When I took over from where he had left in September 1991 there were twenty court cases pending. He believed in a black