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Pathetic leadership 

People of Pakistan have completely gone weary of hearing fiery speeches of leaders claiming to change the fate of the country and to dub their opponents as liars, traitors, and a danger


Unemployment is a term referring to individuals who are employable and seeking a job but we are unable to find a job. Furthermore, it is those people in the workforce or full

M J Akbar

The last bastion 

The Bihar state election shows which way the wind is blowing So much lightning, so little light. There is more to the many outcomes of the recent Bihar Assembly election than meets

Rabia Ahmed

Say goodbye to 2020

God help us all get through 2020 to a better ‘21 Just as a virus changes or mutates─ and we’re more familiar with the idea now than before, language changes as well.

The need for flexibility

A stubborn government facing a stubborn opposition The second wave of coronavirus inside the country and in countries who are Pakistan’ major export markets is having a toll on the national economy.

PSM layoffs

A public sector disaster that remains a burden on exchequer Efforts made, or lack thereof, to turn around the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) by practically any of the past civilian and military

Schools closure

After the meeting of provincial and federal education ministers on the recent wave of Covid-19 and its effects on educational institutions, there are great issues facing the students of Kech. Federal Education

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Health of teachers

During the second wave of corona, schools have been closed but faults, confusions and dangers have been created specially by KP ministry of education. The decision of gathering a crowd of the


Thirst for Justice

Election results must be accepted Akhtar Aly Kureshy A vibrant nation which came into existence on the rational basis and was the first state in the whole world with its religion based

Karachi Transformation Plan

There is need to consult all stakeholders The Karachi Transformation Plan, worth Rs 1.1 trillion, was initially announced when Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the rain-affected city in September. Mr Khan has

Anti-rape law

Failure to address real issues The Cabinet committee on legislative cases approved the Anti-Rape (investigation and Trial) Ordinance 2020, but the legislation left those issues unaddressed which may defeat the purpose of