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Ali Sukhanvar

Right to express

Or be absurd? Liberty of expression is the most desired demand of the educated ones in every society but we see that this kind of liberty is not very common except a

Alternate choices

Why Pakistan lags behind in promoting solar, wind energy projects? The day Orange Line Metro Train thundered in Lahore on its first test run, a massive power breakdown hit large swathes of

PTI’s 100 days plan

Ambitious, but requiring years to implement The PTI deserves credit for being the only party which has so far put before the voters the list of its priorities after assuming power. The

Protest and be damned…

Speedy KP-FATA merger appears inevitable Last week witnessed hectic activity on the KP-FATA merger ‘front’ with meetings of federal cabinet, the opposition, culminating in the decisive National Security Committee Saturday meeting, which

Water wars

Losing the dam argument There’s nothing about the Pakistani delegation’s argument, to be officially put forward today, that the World Bank hasn’t heard before. Yet India has been able to wriggle its

Nawaz’s long reach

Anybody remember the market? For all the damage Nawaz’s controversial interview has done, nobody has quite noticed how it also sounded the death rattle at the stock market. Three weeks in the

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Terrorism defined

It’s not terrorism when Israel does it, is it? The word ‘terrorism’ is subject to interpretation for different people. Some label every act of violence directed towards a group of people as