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Proliferation of hate-speech

Social platforms are incipiently being euphemistic where ominous stipulations and incongruous speeches are being argued and the arguments are leading towards hatred and enhancing the hate-speech which is the fountainhead of creating

Citizenship amendment act

The current citizenship law by the Indian government is ominous, particularly, for the muslim communities. This law excludes muslim immigrants. Furthermore, the government of India has left no chance in showing massive

Air pollution

Air pollution has worsened in Pakistan as a manificture of low grade diesel fumes, smoke from seasonal crop burn off and colder winter temperatures coalesce into stagnant clouds of smog. Pakistan is


Joblessness means not being employed or being jobless. Unemployment is a wide problem in our country. First, we have such a low educational quality. No attention is shown towards covering illiteracy rate.

Drug fiend

Drug addiction is a monolithic and severe issue in our social boundary. It deduce a normal person into disorder actions. Drug consumers remain disrespected in the society. Drug separates a human from

Bringing back looted wealth

Rhetoric without performance Failure to control the outflow of black money adds to developing countries’ poverty. The world is presently losing $1.5 trillion in illicit financial flows each year. The governments have

Prices keep rising

The latest power tariff hike merely adds to the common man’s burden The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has notified a quarterly tariff adjustment of Rs 1.62 per unit, which will