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Unhappiness with PTI

It’s not just the opposition Signs of strain with the PML-Q alliance in Punjab first appeared at the time of the leaked video which showed Ch Pervez Elahi and Co complaining to

Omer Javed

Proactive economic policy

Government’s highest priority? In last week’s article, lack of government’s presentation of policy at the federal and provincial levels, would have rightly left the readers — just like the writer himself —

Repairing the breach

Warring PTI and opposition concur on Standing Committees There is, after all, a sliver of a silver lining on the dark clouds enveloping the country’s parliamentary environment since the July 25 general

The impact of words

Beyond meaning and time Often without realising the power words hold and their impact go far beyond their meaning and time, leading to consequences that often leave a deep scar on the

Exit CJ Saqib Nisar

An eventful stint No doubt outgoing Chief Justice Saqib Nisar will be remembered, along with former CJ Iftikhar Ch, as one of the more controversial chiefs to grace the judiciary. And that,