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Dr Farid A Malik

Mujhe kyun ugaya?

Safeguarding the garden Why was I grown and nourished? Mian Muhammed Nawaz Sharif, the three-time prime minister, should be asking this question. Pakistan Today on November 8, 2017 printed a cartoon with this query.

Faraz Talat

Religion and economics

What does religion teach you? Western liberals frequently highlight a curious phenomenon in the Christian world: The fact that the Bible explicitly condemns homosexual behaviour has been the cornerstone of the Christian

Plunge into a dark void?

Pakistan’s thorny and unenviable options on IMCTC It took two years since the Saudi-sponsored Islamic Military Alliance was first mooted in December 2015 for it to take concrete shape under a different

Taking the fight to the enemy

Not so tough now, are you? A gig in the Pakistani commentariat is nice to have. The pay’s good and there is next to nothing by way of accountability. Within this gallery

Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

Falling out of context and into the fire Roland Barthes, the French literary critic, in his landmark 1967 essay, laid out the concept of ‘The Death of the Author’. Eschewing the paradigms

Remshay Ahmed

The Promised Land

Not quite? Pakistan was created on the basis of an ideology; that of Islam. But it wasn’t solely created for Muslims but for all non-Muslims alike to practice their religion openly. However,

Afghanistan too needs to do more

Gen Nicholson offers action against Afghan-based TTP militants but… Since the proclamation of the (for Pakistan) exceedingly harshly-termed Trump Afghan policy, Islamabad is the butt of intense tunnel-vision censure from Washington and

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

State failure

Even a pigeon doesn’t bow his head, within PML-N, without the leadership’s nod In any democratic setup, the citizens of the nation reserve the right to register their protest, peacefully. The right

Looking for short cuts

Every time a side loses its case it blames the court Pakistan’s political history indicates that it is highly difficult to turn the majority enjoyed by a ruling party into minority through