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White Lies

After all that lobbying to become the caretaker foreign minister (after really angling for the top slot) the man is nowhere to be found. The proceedings of the foreign ministry, in this

Arif Nizami

Elections 2018

And Orwellian Doublespeak Despite hiccups aplenty, Elections 2018 are finally being held. Pakistan in its checkered political history since 1970 has held ten national elections. But 2018 is unique in many respects.

The Drinking of Sand

Elections 2018 I like those people who are strong die hard supporters of political parties. Firstly because it is fun to watch them get hyper every time their party is criticized with

Syed Shahzaib Kirmani


A little truth Truth is a rare commodity and only a select few, let us call them the privileged ones, have access to it in these most of uncertain times. With polls

Towards confrontation

Defuse the situation before it’s too late There is no end to complaints from politicians, media persons and civil society activists against what is going on in the name of fair and free elections.

Unstable economy

A mammoth task for the incoming government Back in 2013 the PPP government got a fair bit of criticism for handing over a complete mess of an economy to the incoming PML-N.

Aadil Aamir

Khan’s lane or the NAB highway

There is a change in the voter-candidate relationship It’s ‘election fever’ in Pakistan and open season on the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), the country’s largest political party. Amidst much controversy, the general

The talk of the town

And the dangers of turning deaf When different people with altogether different interests and backgrounds start raising an issue with a sense of urgency, one can brush it aside only at the

Imran’s concerns

Fate of the election Quite suddenly, it appears, Imran Khan is ‘not hearing positive news’ about the election. Could it just be a coincidence that such news corresponded with thinner and smaller


Global village

Bridging distances Transforming the globe into a village means that its inhabitants are well-connected, well-acquainted with one another. This global community has surpassed many challenges, particularly that of distance. Now, people from