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Sultan M Hali

CPEC update

The CPEC is there, while US proposals of aid aren’t The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the hope of the region for a better future with peace, development and economic growth.


Hold an independent enquiry, take the culprits to law The attack by a band of lawyers on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Lahore surpasses several earlier acts of lawlessness by  members

India’s CAB

Wreaking havoc on the Muslims of the North-East Both Houses of Indian Parliament have passed the Citizenship Act (Amendment) Bill, which removes a vast number of Muslims from the purview of Indian

Levers of control

The government goes for both bureaucrats and the media The PTI has long shown an authoritarian streak that comes from its holier-than-thou self-righteousness. However, it seems that it is now trying to



An Overseas Pakistani’s view By Haider Mehdi Not sure if there’s such a phrase as positive ambivalence. Something bordering on lack of clarity with some glimmers of hope. Or negative ambivalence with

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Hindutva at work

The BJP’s biases reflect Savarkar’s hate ideology Standing true to the philosophy of ‘Hindutava’ the Modi government over the past six year has vigorously practiced communal politics with Muslim minority being its

PTI has to avoid Russian Roulette

Dangerous because it involves taking unpredictable risks Some of the slogans raised by protestors aligned with the PTI outside the Avenfield apartments were provocative. These were also highly condemnable because they invited

Getting into the thick of things

Why is the NAB chairman making political statements? The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), due to its hyperactivity, perpetually remains in the headlines, for launching high-profile investigations that usually progress quickly towards politicians,