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Population boom

This problem must be acknowledged By: Hamza Naveed Thomas Robert Malthus was a world-renowned demographer of his time. In 1798 he wrote his masterpiece ‘An Essay on Principle of Population’ and spoke

Handling it tenure’s first protest

PTI government develops cold feet Protests against the government are a common thing in democracies and governments do not put hindrances in their way unless the protesters start indulging in unlawful activities.

Trudeau’s marginal win

Canada’s far right unable to divide the electorate Justin Trudeau has won a second term in office as Canadian PM after a hard-fought election over the course of which his prospects of

Hasan Aftab Saeed

On istikharah

And the misconceptions surrounding it The other day, Mufti Kifayatullah of JUI-F let it slip on live TV, during an altercation with anchor Yashfeen Jamal, that as per his istikharah Maulana Fazlur

Climbing the escalation ladder

A tit for every tat can be disastrous Despite the 29 May 2018 agreement between Pakistan and India to fully implement the 2003 ceasefire and control cross-border firing, this year has seen

No positions available

Who should the unemployed look towards? The automotive industry is expecting at least 10-15 per cent more direct jobs to be lost in the coming months as a result of a record

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

A judicial test

The need for calm in a turbulent case For the past few weeks, the Supreme Court remains huddled to deliberate upon the constitutional petitions filed by Mr Justice Qazi Faeez Isa as

The case for the prosecution

Why is Rana Sanaullah not being brought to trial State Anti-Narcotics Minister Shehryar Afridi should realise that he will have to find some better reason for not bringing Rana Sanaullah to trial