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Arif Nizami

Sharif’s recent upsurge

A pyrrhic victory? Despite being a disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seems to be ready to throw down the gauntlet. Buttressed by mammoth public meetings in recent weeks and decisive wins in

Of judges and litigants

And golden rule of judges speaking only through their verdicts The ongoing tension between the PML-N leadership and the Supreme Court has the potential of developing into a confrontation between the judiciary

‘A stitch in time’…

Waking up to FATF threat at the eleventh hour Almost overnight, the term, ‘Financial Action Task Force’ (FATF) has assumed ominous overtones and started dominating Parliament, government circles and media. There is

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Monsters Inc

All segments of our society have lost the ethical, moral, humanistic, and religious bearing In the last few months, there have been many heinous crimes reported that suggest that our society has

Pak-US relations

Close association with China must not sour Pak-US ties The nearly 70 year old Pak-US relations are on the rocks and there is a need on both sides to go the extra

Lagging behind on financial front

Planning Commission assessment brings no joy for government Centralised planning of the national economy is a hugely complicated exercise, marrying vision and goals to the existing circumstances and future requirements, setting realistic