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Pakistan’s battle

The world is in the midst of the worst pandemic covid-19 which is commonly known as Coronavirus. This virus spreads in 176 countries and 225,000 cases have been reported around the including

Child marriages

Child marriages have been one of the serious issues, especially in developing countries. Pakistan also facing this problem, children under eighteen are forcefully contract into marriage by their family elders in rural

Water supply issue?

I write to you to express my concern and worries about the water supply issue and I believe that you will help me in waking up the sleeping officers of Municipal corporation

Cabinet decisions

The worst isn’t over by a long shot While required to fully concentrate on saving the country from the ravages of Covid-19, the PTI government continues to be fixated on the opposition.

Corona’s ferocity

COVID-19 is one of the curses. The skirmish of the virus is disseminating exponentially day by day. Nowadays, it is the most vulnerable subject that people are discussing repeatedly. The scorching virus

High commodity prices

Genuine or manufactured? Despite an international fall in commodity prices, consumers across the country still have to pay higher prices. When the Coronavirus pandemic arrived in Pakistan the possibility of a lockdown