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Unsatisfactory briefing

Parliament wants more about FATF On Wednesday, the National Assembly’s Finance Committee received an in-camera briefing from officials representing the Finance Ministry, the State Bank of Pakistan, the Securities and Exchange Commission

M A Niazi

Newbies out, oldies in!

AT PENPOINT With top picks coming from outside parliament It was perhaps inevitable that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first Cabinet reshuffle should have been transformed into a debate on the merits of

Our migrant workers

Why are so many Pakistanis in jails abroad? The highlight of the launch of a report by the Justice Project of Pakistan, Through the Cracks: The Exploitation of Pakistani Migrant Workers in

Jameel Farooqui


One example of how the bureaucracy  is blocking Imran Khan It is assumed that waking up, raising questions and a voice for rights is the first step towards solving the problems of

Hazards of politicising SC judgments

Legal matters should go to appropriate legal forums The six-member executive committee of the Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) passed a controversial resolution and took it straight to the media without seeking confirmation