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Dr Alon Ben-Meir

Not acting at our peril

The climate crisis is worsening Climate change is real and is visible to all. The scientific evidence is overwhelming, and denying that climate change is already upon us, especially as US President

Terrorism and extremism

An inability to control either one There has been a significant uptick in the frequency and intensity of terrorist attacks recently, most notably in Balochistan that has had four attacks in the

Hasan Aftab Saeed

Independence Day celebrations

About time eight things were realised The 72nd anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence Day was celebrated with customary fervour and excitement. Customary fervour is a great thing of course, but it has been

Extension in COAS’ tenure

Challenges and opportunities That the tenure of the COAS has been extended by three years is by no means an extraordinary event. What is unusual are other matters. That the announcement has

Bannu traders strike

Shameless blackmailing Traders across the country have been up in arms over the PTI government’s new tax measures aimed to expand the tax net. The protests are understandable considering how this section

Omer Javed

Stocktaking of crucial reforms

Reforms are need to implement the IMF agreement When the current government took office around a year ago, it vociferously launched many committees for initiating reforms in important areas of the economy,

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Kashmir bleeds again

The West did not stop India, but then, Pakistan did not do enough For 70 years, the people of the valley of Kashmir have been subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands

NAB soul-searching

It needs to do things differently The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) needs to take account of itself a little more deeply than it did during a meeting on Saturday presided over by


New instruments may be an amen of devaluation to come The State Bank Governor, Dr Reza Baqir, himself is said to be behind the scheme for a new instrument of the National

White Lies

Eidul Azha came and went and with it were the usual comments on the practice of sacrifice itself. Whereas there could be introspection within the faith itself about whether the mass sacrifice

Arif Nizami

Kashmir at UNSC

Victory of sorts? Recent events taking place around Pakistan have suddenly catapulted the one-year-old PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) government to centre stage, thereby putting Prime Minister Khan’s leadership qualities to a litmus test.