Islamabad articles

State of the Art

What is the relationship between art and people in Pakistan? What role do art galleries play, of which there are at least twenty six in the federal capital (both public and private)?

‘Made in China’ for all and sundry

As the nation feels hard pressed against the price-hike, the low-cast ‘Made in China’ goods have made good roads to the Pakistani markets, but put the local manufacturers under pressure. The other

CDA auctions six plots for Rs 17 billion

The cash-strapped Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Thursday auctioned six commercial plots valuing Rs 1.7 billion located in various sectors of the city. The CDA got a resounding response during the auction

Photo exhibition marks first anniversary of floods

Marking the one year anniversary of the devastating floods of 2010, an 11-day long photo exhibition under the theme ‘Reviving Communities Stronger Together’ commenced at the National Art Gallery (NAG) on Thursday.

Boating hazards in Lake View Park

Boating in Rawal Lake, one of the main attractions of the Lake View Park is a popular activity but hundreds of lives are endangered as no safety measures are taken. Instead of

Encroachers rule the roost at Sabzi Mandi

Encroachers at the capital city’s vegetable and fruit market (Sabzi Mandi) are badly affecting legal businesses at the market thanks to the ‘corrupt’ officials of the Capital Development Authorities (CDA) who have

Police arrest 13 outlaws, seizes drugs

The capital on Thursday arrested 13 people, including two women, for their alleged involvement in bootlegging and drug pushing and seized 22 liquor bottles, 96 cans of beer, 2.12 kilogrammes of hashish,

Satellite survey of Islamabad planned

The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has conceived a Rs 20 million-project to undertake satellite survey of the capital for better planning and law and order, an official said. The ICT has

QAU syndicate to rule on harassment probe tomorrow

The administration of Quaid-i-Azam University has called an emergency meeting of the university syndicate on Saturday to decide the fate of Controller Examination Muhammad Babar Mumtaz, accused of sexually harassing a female

Islooites in search of clean water

Citizens of the capital city continue to suffer as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) drags its heels on plans to install 20 more water filtration plants in various parts of the capital,