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Gig’s up!

In eight months A federal cabinet reshuffle in the first eight months of a government looks pretty bad, it looks worse when the changes begin with the Finance portfolio and even worse

Yousaf Nizami

India’s folly

And the advantageous fallout at home Almost two weeks since the Balakot ‘attack’ it seems- at least for the time being- the probability of another war with India has reduced to normal

Yousaf Nizami

PM Khan

Welcome to the jungle It’s done. He couldn’t do it with the people or ideals of his 1996 version of the PTI. It was never going to happen with the PTI of

Yousaf Nizami

Letting extremists run amuck

Busy tending to the master’s graft cases There is a growing demographic of angry, extremist, narrow-minded men desperately looking for an outlet to vent frustrations over how their perceived sanctity of religion

Yousaf Nizami

Honda’s howler

Time for Pakistan’s local car manufacturers to pull up their socks Pakistan’s automobile industry is a seller’s market, consisting of two broad categories. On one end of the spectrum, there are the