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The US defense strategy

Downgrading the war on terror On 19 January 2018, the US defense secretary unveiled the country’s Defense Strategy, companion document to the National Security Strategy, which was announced by President Donald Trump

India-Israel alliance

Implications for Pakistan Should Pakistan have any concerns about the deepening ties between India and Israel? Ordinarily, a third country should have no concern about relations between other countries. But India-Israel ties

Trump’s tweet

We should ignore it Just when we think we may have hit rock bottom in our relations with America, the Trump Administration, nay, Trump himself, has the ingenious ability to dig holes

The Belfour Declaration

A Centennial Assessment  In 1917, the British government approved the public declaration of its sympathy for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,” at the time an

Pakistan and the emerging environment

Caution: men at work “President Trump welcomed further Indian contributions to promote Afghanistan’s democracy, stability, prosperity, and security. Recognising the importance of their respective strategic partnerships with Afghanistan, the leaders committed to