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Economic challenges

Vagaries of Consciousness Not as rosy as the government would like to believe An economic storm is gathering momentum. Curiously, however, the government is impervious to the challenges otherwise visible to all

Asifa’s plight

And the ugly face of Hindu nationalism – (2) If one thinks that the atrocities perpetrated on Asifa by these pitiless characters would have caused outrage and revulsion in the hearts of

Exchange Rate Conundrum

Vagaries of Consciousness All players, old and new, have contradictory explanations                           It is difficult to find a previous example comparable to the dispirited environment that is currently surrounding economic management in the

External environment

Promising signs A number of significant developments are taking place in the region. They should form the basis for cautious optimism that Pakistan’s narrative is gaining acceptance and the frenzy and propaganda

FATF and beyond

Pakistan’s many challenges The challenge at Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was unprecedented. It all started when before the Paris meeting, the US State Department held a press conference to announce its