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There is no honour in killing

Qandeel Baloch and our misplaced honor We have vigorously promoted the notion that women’s subordinate and secondary position to men is ordained by religion. Our fallacious and mythical norms of drawing divine

Umair Jamal

What Nawaz Sharif needs to do?

What to take up, what to ignore The prime minister’s immediate concern springs from the domestic front, particularly the opposition parties sustained pressure on the government regarding the Panama leaks issue. Thus


A tactical achievement “The groups based in Punjab have largely been spared because of their resourcefulness on foreign policy fronts: due to the state’s policy to spare these groups, the penetration of

Pakistan’s India syndrome

The Pak-India NSG debate, for one thing “At the beginning of the Cold War, while India decided to join the non-alignment movement by carefully calculating its national interests, Pakistan’s leaders remained fixated

Fatwa, ruling or edict

How clergy provoke cultural intolerance against women About 1000 women are killed in Pakistan every year in the name of honor. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, the actual figure

A political budget

Budget for the sake of budget “Ishaq Dar has been busy in defending the first family for their involvement in the Panama leaks. The issue of TOR’s has hijacked the national political

Trading interests

Till the next Panama Before the Panama revelations, international media coverage, which tends to strap its reporting with relative stability or instability in the country, calculated Pakistan in the overall stability trends

Umair Jamal

For Democracy’s sake

Pakistan needs the blame game to end “The military’s intervention and interference in politics can only be reduced through the development of civilian institutional structures and good governance not through revelations of

Peace to the West

We’re back to square one After the Kabul attack a week ago, President Ashraf Ghani, in a speech given before the Afghan Parliament, accused Pakistan of sheltering various anti Kabul militant groups.

Punjab’s jihadi market

Time for another operation? The attack in Lahore which resulted in the deaths of more than 70 people has brought back fears which have loomed large over the country for more than