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Media Watch: The age of fear

It is grainy footage from, presumably, a CCTV camera. It’s a quiet street. Some cars, some trees and some kids playing. Two men come over on a motorbike, swerve and discreetly pick

Sheeda rhymes with “banjar”

Sheikh Rasheed, of course, isn’t known for minding his language. The self-described “downtown man” claims to have his hand on the pulse of the people, which would be true, if “the people”

Media Watch: Duelling Chaudhrys

Neither went to finishing school. When we hear of a guests’ list of a television talk show that has both the League’s Talal Chaudhry and the PTI’s Fawad Chaudhry, we should know

Media Watch: Not taking this lying down

A thunderous speech. Recently elected All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) President Hameed Haroon made an impassioned plea for press freedom at the annual APNS awards function, attended by both former prime minister

Media Watch: New lows

That the news media is being suppressed wouldn’t spring any surprises. That is how things have been in this neck of the woods. That some senior journalists are now deeming it to

Media Watch: A dangerous man

‘Kaash aap merey walid hotay!’ They’re always entertaining, but the sheer Amir-Liaqatness-per-centimetre-square in a recent episode of Amir Liaqat’s ramzan show on Bol was dangerously high. And this is not to throw

Media Watch: The Slap

“This is not the temperament of the show,” host Muneeb Farooq kept saying, while trying to pacify his two warring guests on his program Aapas Ki Baat (22nd May). Well, that particular

Media Watch: Just joking

WajBro, the man’s man, the ladies’ man, the man of action, the man who knows his firearms, the man who can survive, nay, thrive in the wilderness, wrestling bears therein if he

Media Watch: He said what?

Cyril Almeida is in the centre of the storm for the second time. This time, as opposed to Dawn Leaks, there is lesser discussion on him personally. Why? Because as opposed to


Cable television certainly was a gamechanger in Pakistani media. More affordable than the expensive “dish” technology, it brought international programming to Pakistani homes, further encouraging the eventual freeing up of the news

On the budget

With the budget having been presented – a historical first time a government has presented a budget for a sixth time during a tenure, with arguments both for and against – there