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Delusions of grandeur

He was always given to hyperbole. Naturally, Shoaib Shaikh, the middle-class kid from Faisalabad didn’t found a humongous and shady diploma mill on the basis of calling a spade a spade. No,

In the line of duty

Don’t let the Wedding Industrial Complex fool you; even under the best of circumstances, ones wedding day isn’t “the happiest day of your life.” Nerves are at play and everyone is extremely

Trump profiled again

Every once in a while, Imran Khan, ever the darling of the British press, is profiled by the latter. Every time that happens, the piece is much discussed here in Pakistan. This

The gravity of a situation

As discussed in an earlier column in this space, the Zainab case wasn’t particularly an outlier. There would have been many instances of exactly the same crime not just in the same

It. Wasn’t. Me.

“Who are you going to trust? Me or your lying eyes?” – Groucho Marx If there was any image from the 2014 Model Town carnage that remained stuck in the public’s imagination

Swords in Studios

Let’s cut to the chase, specially since we have a sword at hand. By now you would have, even if only cursorily, followed the drama surrounding the release of the Sanjay Leela

Taking the fight to the enemy

Not so tough now, are you? A gig in the Pakistani commentariat is nice to have. The pay’s good and there is next to nothing by way of accountability. Within this gallery

Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

Falling out of context and into the fire Roland Barthes, the French literary critic, in his landmark 1967 essay, laid out the concept of ‘The Death of the Author’. Eschewing the paradigms

That’s what she said

The Tube’s schooling, barring a year in Class 4, has been in all-boys institutions. As opposed to our brethren who attended co-ed schools, our lot is accused of having dirty minds. And