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Get Mansha!

Mubasher Lucman’s hilarious attempts at playing Ahab to Mansha’s Moby Dick Do you watch Mubasher Lucman’s show on ARY? Me neither. But the troubled souls who do watch it, testify that, of

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“Da gr8st ledr s bak!”

Firework time is nigh for the PTI Imran Khan’s first interview after the elections (Capital Talk, June 27, Geo). Or was it his first interview after his fall? In either case, it

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The MQM and the media

Media Watch “The arrested target killers belonged to the ANP, the PPP and another political party.” –News Bulletin Copy on a major TV channel The media’s relation with the MQM draws out as

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Palmists and pundits

Do you think it was silly, the way the occult was consulted (Geo, Aapas Ki Baat, 5th May) to predict the outcome of the upcoming elections? You might, but it probably wasn’t

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Baby Bhutto at the mike

Media Watch THE PPP’s media apparatus has an MQM situation on its hands. You see, the MQM, despite its considerable media management, simply cannot get around a particular problem. That inactionable variable:

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Schooled in classes

MEDIA WATCH I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Conspiracy theorists, take a hike: if there is one single thing that determines the content of television, it is the