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Chohan and his followers

Yes, there is plenty going on TV to merit a media column. And yes, we’ve already covered the PTI enfant terrible Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan already. But the spectacular train-wreck that the fellow’s political

Lucman takes on the PTI

If there is one rule of political punditry that extends across all the nations, it is this: if you bite the bullet, do away with inhibitions and be loud and obnoxious, you

Siraj-ul-Haq and revising history

The ANP and the Jamaat-e-Islami both opposed the creation of Pakistan. But there is a difference in the way both parties deal with this historical baggage. The ANP wears its Congress credentials

Exclusive footage

You would have all seen it. The watermark, as it is called, of the news channels appearing right in the middle of the screens. Not the channel logo, mind you, which appears

The rudest man on TV?

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan. Are you sure, some readers would ask? After all, these are the shark-infested waters of the political talk show circuit we are talking about; a rude comment or two doesn’t

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Getting it wrong

This particular edition of Media Watch is from the vault. Yes, it belongs to the past. We shall start off with an example from American press history and then find a similar one of our own. But the fact of the matter is that this is a story that would have played out several times in each and every country that has an independent press.

Radio silence

On the media’s curious near blackout of the storm that is brewing in the Punjab police Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. I had used

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The curious case of the bias

Political parties’ supporters and their problem with “bias” The Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party. Though they are also present in KP, it is only the Pashtun belt of Balochistan where they have electoral