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Koocha chabuk sawaran

The land of horse riders Today, Koocha Chabuk Sawaran is among the few areas of the old walled city that has name plates on the houses where once the famous lived. While

Mian Khan’s Tomb

A 17TH CENTURY MONUMENT IN LAHORE Like many other monuments of Mughal era this place was also plundered during the Sikh rule. The marble and other precious stones were removed and bricks

Partition and Gobind Ram

Another treasure from the vaults of Lahore’s history It’s been seventy years since the biggest partition and human migration but amidst the hustle and bustle of Shah Almi and Rang Mehal majestically

Royal Jail of Royal Fort!

Who knows what is hidden inside the royal land of Lahore. Since Lahore originated, it witnessed the seasons of turbulence and tranquillity. It remained a princely state and also got looted during

Samadhi of Atmaram Ji

Heritage ignored This building is divided into three parts. As you go in the main building it houses Atmaramji’s funerary urns. One building was used as a temple and the other one

Garhi Habibullah

Pakistan is beautiful! Why don’t we say it? This is a beautiful landscape that cannot be explained in words, one must see it to believe it. The people there are extremely welcoming,

Waterfall peaks of Naran

And no official development worth speaking of It is located 119 kilometers (74m) from Mansehra city at the altitude of 8,202 feet (2,500m). Naran is one of the most scenic towns in

Heera Singh’s Mandi

Then and now A market of food stuff that was set up by Heera Singh became known as Heera Mandi, contrary to the common perception associated with it. It is thought that

Haveli Diwan Dina Nath

Government should own and preserve a part of our heritage This is a huge Haveli inside the Walled City and reflects a typical Sikh architecture. The total area of the Haveli is

The lost Cypress Tomb

In crying need of appreciation If you wish to visit the unusual monument of Cypress Tomb, you will have to make up your way on Begampura Road going east on GT Road