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Death by dirty drinking water!

Lack of water treatment plant next to Sundar Industrial Estate causing bone deficiency diseases in residents Lack of water treatment plant close to Sundar Industrial Estate is causing bone deficiency diseases in

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A secular Pakistan?

The speech that the Quaid made on 11 August, 1947 Pakistan may be no heaven on earth but we are undoubtedly much better off today than our elders who had to live

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A state vs its own people

In Syria, it’s not the West vs Islam The news from Damascus is not good. History is repeating itself and the Baathist regime is determined to quash the civil uprising. President Bashar

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On the PTI troll

Tolerate them, for they know not what they do Trolls are idiots, no second guessing that. If they weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t be called trolls – it is as simple as that.

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To go scot free?

Just when we thought we’d hit the rock bottom and it couldn’t get any worse with double-digit inflation, increasing unemployment, rising incidents of terrorism in urban areas once again, being forced to watch the not so pretty but buffoonish politicians with an IQ of an ant on tele daily, with an unsavoury topping of pot bellied maulvis, (I have an endless list), along came Hon’ble Raymond ‘the diplomat’ Davis (hereinafter referred to as good old ‘Ray’; Americans have a knack for

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Delusions, realities

Deluding ourselves is our national past-time. The inability to separate wishes with facts which makes us make wrong diagnoses of the ills afflicting our society. This, in turn, exacerbates our daily lives by making us feel more helpless at our present state of affairs. The following are a couple of examples of the collective delusions that afflict us.
Delusion: Pakistan is a sovereign country.
Reality: Really, do you think so? And just what was it that you put down as