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Taha Najeeb Khan

Divided worldviews

Which way forward?  Every institution/collective requires a mission statement, a message which communicates the said entity’s animating ethos and purpose. One must ask, therefore, what is Pakistan’s mission statement? Pakistan was created

Taha Najeeb Khan

Give the PM a chance

In his success lies our success As always, people are unhappy in Pakistan. And if you’re one to look for causes for unhappiness, Pakistan doesn’t disappoint. But this time, the reasons are

Taha Najeeb Khan

War and introspection

History is only kind to those who learn from it     Back in Roman times there were grand coliseums where, on occasion, ordinary humans would face extraordinary sadism before rapturous multitudes

Modi meets Nawaz

Both countries must recognise their near-indispensability to each other’s causes     A joint statement to officially affirm the key agreements reached between PMs Sharif and Modi at the SCO sideline meeting

The shame and sham of NA-125

Their impressively sophisticated ‘so what?’ logic     One man weeps and another man smiles. No, I’m not talking about Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Apparently the boxing ring isn’t the only

Taha Najeeb Khan

Fiery politics

Karachi matters     He made grating mouth noises as he drawled incoherently about the evil Rangers and their allegedly nefarious agenda-driven operation against his party. Exempting no one, he blamed the

Political intrigues

Questions galore!   Pakistan is increasingly starting to resemble a Christopher Nolan movie – a brain feasting thriller with an impressively complicated plot. Recent developments have stumped the canniest amongst us —