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Sultan M Hali

All is not well

An insider’s exposé of India’s economic woes Narendra Modi swept into power in 2014; riding a crest of economic success in the Indian state of Gujarat, where he had been Chief Minister

Sultan M Hali

Hamid Karzai’s home truths

  The threat from the Islamic State (IS) or Dā’ish as they are commonly known as is looming large in the region. There have been sporadic reports of the presence of the Dā’ish flag or leaflets

Sultan M Hali

Bipin Rawat’s xenophobia

Let’s face facts General Bipin Rawat decorated the Major with Chief of Army Staff’s Commendation Card and cited him for bravery. Human Rights Activists were aghast at the atrocity and callous and

Sultan M Hali

CPEC A hope for the nation

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has held hope for the people of Pakistan but also has given rise to fallacies created by conscientious objectors and detractors who grudge Pakistan’s progress. The