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Stand with her

Promotion of skills after rights We just celebrated ‘International Day of the Girl’. It’s one thing to celebrate a day and another to see whether there’s more to commemorate or more to

Home away

Afghan refugees await decision on citizenship A recent announcement made by the Prime Minister Imran Khan has triggered a series of events amid reactions. Based on a humanitarian ground, when Khan expressed

A History of Bigotry

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Whither women?

Declining female representation in upper echelon Despite a marked increase in women voters’ in this year’s election and also in women contesting on general seats, the number of women showing their presence

Tea without biscuits

Naya Pakistan in the making Shabana Mahfooz First day at work in a jogging attire, oath taking ceremony in reportedly record low budget, first address to nation comprising an array of expected

Journey to Pakistan

Memories of the creation of a homeland In his spacious and tastefully decorated home at Karachi, Iqbal Jafar, retired from service with the government of Pakistan and column writing, views the developments

The measure of humanity

A dire need exists for refugee resettlement Every day, we see tear streaked faces of Rohingya Muslims or Syrians escaping injustice. Often in the background of their poignant photographs, we see rubbles

Being reserved

Proportional representation of minorities taking its toll While occasional incidents of blasphemy charges, vandalism, forced conversions and even life threatening situations for non-Muslims in Pakistan continue to be heard, the minorities of

Eid under the shadow of fear

How Muslims celebrated as persecuted minorities? As Muslims around the world celebrated Eid with feasting and gift-giving, festivities were marred by prolonged conflict in hot spots such as Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and