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Unbinding the economy

The stagnancy of private sector credit has been discussed ad nauseum in financial circles. Reinstating, credit advanced to the private sector has been hovering around Rs3 trillion since FY-08 on account of

Taxation of regression

In traditional development theory, it is said that a government will only feel responsible towards its citizens, if it can be held accountable before them; one of the measures of accountability being

What they make for a living

It has become a convenient norm to state per capita income as a measure of general well being in an economy, albeit with some reservations and references to inequality. In the white

If the US defaults

The US economy seems to have arrived at the D-Day, where amidst weakening of domestic socio-economic indicators, its global hegemony is also at stake. Reaching its debt ceiling (USD 14.3t), beyond which


Economic costs of war on terror

Amidst a continuous disarray of distractions and chaos, the emotional plight of families losing their loved ones somehow makes a better story than illustrations of the structural setbacks that are to trickledown